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[eccr] CFP: The State of the Real

Wed Mar 19 13:58:24 GMT 2003

>T h e   S t a t e   o f   t h e   R e a l
>An Interdisciplinary Conference
>Glasgow School of Art, UK
>21-22 November 2003
>Keynote Speakers:
>Prof. Linda Nochlin, New York University
>Prof. Slavoj Zizek, University of Ljubljana
>"How real can you get?"
>The conference organisers propose a debate on the subject of Rthe real¹ in
>aesthetic philosophy, criticism and practice.
>"When is representation not real?"
>Recent years have seen notions of reality discussed in the open. What
>relationship do current views developed by this discourse have with those
>tenets of realism and representation that once provided the foundation for
>aesthetic study? What are the philosophical consequences of the introduction
>of technologies that increasingly blur the boundaries between art and
>popular culture? What is the effect of aesthetic culture on Realpolitik?
>What has happened to the notions of social realism, verisimilitude, and the
>imaginary? Are they still relevant, and how have they been changed, if at
>"Reclaiming the real."
>The organizers are also interested in how notions of reality are affected
>by, and continue to affect, aesthetic practice in the fields of art, design,
>and media production. With the popularity of haptic technologies, what has
>happened to Rreal¹ haptics? How do practitioners and academics view older
>technologies in the light of their electronic avatars? With the development
>of notions of virtual space, what has happened to our understanding of the
>body, the mind, and corporeal space?
>The organisers particularly welcome proposals on, or dealing with, the
>following related subjects:
>Reality and realism in Art & Design History; New media technologies ­
>Virtual Reality, CGI photography and cinema, the Internet, haptic
>technologies; Modernity and Post-modernity/Modernism and Post-modernism;
>Philosophies on Rthe real¹ in popular culture; Philosophy and art/design and
>cultural practice; Reality television, realism in film.
>Proposals for panels (no more than three papers) and workshops are also
>Deadline for abstracts: 22 April 2003
>Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words to:
>RThe State of the Real¹,
>Dept. of Historical and Critical Studies,
>Glasgow School of Art,
>167 Renfrew St,
>Scotland, UK.
>G3 6RQ.
>Abstracts may be sent by email to (real /at/

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