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[eccr] FW: media watch

Wed Mar 12 21:55:35 GMT 2003

Title: FW: media watch

Dear all,

please feel free to circulate this invitation to join media watch to any relevant contacts/lists.

Media Watch:  Holding the media accountable
Media watch is a new initiative which aims to hold the media accountable for mis-reporting of the crisis in Iraq and the 'war on terror'.  It aims to
* encourage people to encourage the media to report more of the case against war by complaining about poor coverage and praising good reporting.
* monitor the media and take action to rectify problems of bias, censorship and omission by writing letters taking complaints regulators and issuing statements.

To get this off the ground we need volunteers to work collectively and to complain to the media when appropriate.  We have established an email list for people who are interested and will provide briefing materials a via this.  To get info about signing up send a message with just the word 'help' as the subject or in the body, to: (media-watch-request /at/ Alternatively, to sign up on the web go to:

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