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Tue Mar 11 10:11:25 GMT 2003

      School of Journalism, St.Petersburg State University
                     ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA

                   ON <MEDIA AND ELECTIONS>

                                           24 June - 5 July 2003
                                           St.Petersburg, Russia
The Mass Media Center of the School (Faculty) of Journalism at St.
Petersburg State University (SPbGU) is inviting journalists, scholars,
educators, students, and communication specialists from around the world to
take part in the Eighth Annual International Journalism Summer School,
beginning June 24. This is the excellent opportunity  to widen the view on
media studies studying Russian media and journalism in the political, social,
economic, legal, ethnic and cultural perspective.

Leading university professors and professional journalists will lead the two-
week course, which will include lectures and practical workshops devoted to
several issues, questions and problems related to electoral campaigns and
political journalism. Courses are given by the best faculty and  staff of the
School of Journalism at St.Petersburg State University and experienced
professionals from a wide variety of St.Petersburg media.

Summer school participants will examine and discuss professional methods
of electoral technologies, political journalism, "Kompromat" (compromising
materials) and "information wars" in journalism, journalism ethics and mass
media regulation, and the specific issues related to elections and election
campaigns. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss these topics
with professional journalists during the site visits to media outlets as well as
during a roundtable scheduled for July 5.

The course also includes an extensive cultural program, with sightseeing city
bus tour and excursions to the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian
Museum, Peterhoff, and the Marinsky Theater.

Working languages: English and Russian. The programme will be conducted
in Russian, with English translation.

Registration until:  1 June 2003.

The Mass Media Center will provide participants with training, formal
invitations for visas,  dormitory  housing,  lunches, visits to St.Petersburg
editorial  boards,  information package, video film on  the 2003 Summer
School, group  photograph  and sightseeing programme during the White
Nights Season.

Tuition fee (including training, formal invitations, dormitory housing,
lunches, information kit, group photograph, video film, site visits, Certificate
of the University and cultural programme) is 26400 Russian Roubles for
participants from western countries, 23100 Russian Roubles for participants
from developing, CEE (Central  and East European) and Baltic countries and
19800 Russian Roubles for participants from Russia and other countries of
the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Discounts for groups are
also possible. Participants can pay money only in Russian Roubles directly in
St.Petersburg or via bank transfer (also in Russian Roubles).

Dormitory housing will be arranged in bedrooms of the hostel  of
St.Petersburg State   University. Participants will be  living in rooms for two
or three persons.  The  dormitory  is secure as well as located not far from the
journalism  building. Dormitory  housing is included to the  tuition fee.
There is an additional opportunity of  comfortable  hotel  housing  for  the
Summer School participants:

1. "Moskva" (Moscow) Hotel (Ploshchad'  Aleksandra Nevskogo, dom  2,
St.Petersburg. 193317.   Russia). The  rooms  are  provided with TVs,
carpets, bathrooms, telephones. The  breakfast is  included to  the price.
Tel.:  7 (812)  274-30-01,  274-20-52 (porter), 274-00-20 (service).   Fax  for
reservation:  7 (812) 274-21-30. E-Mail: (business /at/
Internet: After  the reservation  at   the hotel  by  the
requests the "Moskva"  Hotel can send to  the  participants  the formal
invitations for the  visa  support. Because of the  White Nights Season there
is a nead of early reservation of the  rooms at the hotel. The Metro (subway)
station  "Ploschad'  Aleksandra Nevskogo"  is located  at the  Hotel building
(3  stops  by  the direct line   from "Vassileostrovskaya"   Metro  Station of
the University). The   "Moskva"  Hotel is  popular  among foreigners because
of   downtown  location,  good service, security and moderate prices.

2. "Neva"  (Ulitsa Chaykovskogo, 17). Tel.:  7 (812)  278-05-04. Fax:  7
(812) 273-25-93. Toilet, shower, telephone and TV are in room. Breakfast is
included. Metro Station: "Chernyshevskaya".

3.   "Sportivnaya" (Ulitsa Deputatskaya, 34). Tel.: 7   (812) 235-02-36.  Fax:
7  (812)  230-41-44. Metro Station: "Krestovsky Ostrov".

4. "Rossiya"   (Ploshchad Chernyshevskogo, 11). Tel.: 7 (812) 329-39-09,
296-73-49, fax: 329-39-39,  296-33-03. http://all-  Metro Station: "Park Pobedy".

5. "Sovetskaya" Tourist - Hotel Complex (Lermontovskiy Prospekt,  43/1).
Tel.:  7  (812) 329-01-86, 329-0292, 114-12-25. Fax: 329-01-88,, Accomodation at
singles, twins, deluxes, semi-deluxes. Restaurants. Sauna. Metro Stations:
"Tekhnologicheskiy Institute", "Baltiyskaya".

6. "Oktiabrskaya" (Ligovskiy Prospekt, 10). Tel.: 7 (812) 277-62-55, 277-63-
30. Fax: 7 (812) 315-75-01. E-Mail: (hotel /at/ Grand deluxe
and semi-deluxe class apartments, comfortable single, double and triple
rooms. Metro Stations "Ploshchad Vosstaniya", "Mayakovskaya". Two stops
of the direct line.

7. "Chaika" Apartment Hotel (Serebristiy Boulevard, 38). Convinient
apartments with kitchenettes. Restaurant. Bar. cafe. Shop. Sauna. Solarium.
Gym. Beauty Parlour. Hairdresser's. Laundry. Currency exchange. Parking
and transportation service. Tel.: 7 (812) 301-75-75. Fax: 7 (812) 301-56-22. E-Mail: (resep /at/ Metro Station:

Note: The hotel accommodation is not included to the tuition fee.

The are several helpful Web sites about St.Petersburg and hotels reservation
in the area:

Participants are responsible for the trip to St.Petersburg.

For more information, including application materials, contact the Mass
Media Center of the SPbGU Journalism School at: 1-aya Liniya V.O. Dom
26, Office 606. 199004. St. Petersburg, Russia. Telephone / Fax: (7-812)
323-00-67, 321-01-72.  E-Mail: (mmc /at/  Web site: and

Contact person: Dmitry A. Ruschin,  Ph.D.,  Associate Professor,  Head
of the International Department,  Director of  the  International Journalism
Summer School and Winter School on Public Relations at St.Petersburg
State University. E-Mail: (ruschin /at/

                     MASS MEDIA CENTER
   School of Journalism, St.Petersburg State University
1-aya Liniya V.O., # 26,  office 606. St.Petersburg. 199004. Russia
Tel/Fax: (7-812) 323-00-67, 321-01-72.
E-mail: (ruschin /at/
(mmc /at/
(mmcspb /at/

??? ?????: ??????, 199004, ?????-?????????,
1 ????? ÷???????????? ???????, ?. 26,
????. 606, 602. ???.: 323-00-67. ????: 321-01-72.
E-Mail: (mmcspb /at/


- Common communicative scheme of the electoral technologies. Lecture, 2
- Main principles of political campaign planning. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Structure and mechanisms of forming of image of political subject
(person, party, and ideology). Lecture, 2 hours.
- Main models of conducting of the "Information" wars. Negative and
"Black" political and electoral public relations. Lecture, 2 hours. Seminar,
2 hours.
- Manipulation technologies. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).
Misinformation and rumors: techniques of diffusion. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Thematic and graphical design of political advertising and political public
relations. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Technologies of political marketing. Lecture, 2 hours. Seminar, 2 hours.
- Structure and organization of headquarters of the election campaign.
Planning and control. Basic documents. Lecture, 2 hours. Seminar, 2
- "Legend" of the electoral district. Structure and technologies of forming.
Lecture, 2 hours. Seminar, 2 hours.
- Strategies of the election campaign. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Tactical methods in the election campaign: positioning, tuning out of
competitors, counter-advertising, counter- positioning, attack and counter-
attack. Lecture, 4 hours. Training, 2 hours.
- Budget and planned schedule of the election campaign. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Legislative regulation of the election agitation campaign in mass media.
Lecture, 2 hours.
- Legal regulation of the mass media functioning. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Ethical principles in the sphere of action of journalists and mass media.
Lecture, 2 hours.
- Use of the new information technologies during the election campaigns
conducting. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Political journalism: research and stereotypes. Lecture, 2 hours.
- Peculiarities of mass media coverage of elections and election campaigns.
Lecture, 2 hours.
- Mass media and elections: Russian and international experience. "Round
table", 2 hours.
- Visits to the editorial offices of the mass media, to the International Press
Centre "300 Anniversary of St.Petersburg" (Italian Street, 27), and to
press services, to the headquarters of the political parties and to
St.Petersburg election committees.

  Info of our partner The Centre for International Exchanges
         (International Department) at the University

CIE - Centre for International Exchanges
Tel.: (7-812) 328 32 91, 328 15 51
Fax:  (7-812) 325 87 39
E-mail: (alla /at/

Processing of invitation

For the  processing of  official invitation to St.  Petersburg State University
you should  send  by  1  June 2003  whether by fax: (7-812) 323-00-67 / 321-
01-72  or by e-mail (ruschin /at/ a   copy  of  your   national
passport (pages  with  photo, name,  surname,  date  of   birth, passport
number, passport expiry date). This invitation  arranges through St.
Petersburg State   University  in  the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian
Federation on  their official  blank. On  the basis  of this  invitation   in your
residential   country  in Consulate Department of Russian Federation you
will  receive  an entry visa.


Entry  for  study in  Saint   Petersburg   State  University  by invitation,
issued by  the   Ministry of   Foreign Affairs, but arranged  not by  St.
Petersburg   State  University but  other organisation is  undesirable,  since
in  that  case University passport-visa service can't register you by  the  place
of your study, and you will be forced to register by yourself.


Reservation in the dorm should be done before 1 June 2003.

                  REGISTRATION FORM
  for the Eighth International Journalism Summer School at
           St.Petersburg State University

       Given names:
       Passport No:
       Date of issue:
       Expiry date:
       Gender (sex):
       Working (studying) place:

       Scholar interests:
       Education background:

       Which Russian Embassy or Consulate is preferable for you to get your
visa issued? (country, city, address):

       What are your expectations of studying in the Summer School:

       Languages. English:
       Private Address:

       Telephone work:
       Telephone home:

       Housing. Hotel (not included to the fee):

       Method of payment. Bank transfer (only in Russian Roubles):
                          Cash (only in Russian Roubles):


Please  return  this form  as  well as a photocopy of your valid international
passport to the Director of the Summer School Dmitry A. Ruschin as soon as

TEL./FAX:  (7-812)  323-00-67, 321-01-72.
E-MAIL:  (ruschin /at/
          (mmcspb /at/

Dmitry A. Ruschin ((ruschin /at/
St.Petersburg State University
Tue, 11 Mar 103 13:05 +0300 MSK

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