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[eccr] workshop on Current Research and Directions in Discourse Theory

Wed Mar 05 17:18:51 GMT 2003

Current Research and Directions in Discourse Theory

We are currently organising a Workshop that we hope will lead to the 
establishment of an International Ideology and Discourse Theory (IDT) 
Network. The Workshop will be entitled 'Current Research and Directions in 
Discourse Theory', and will be held on the 8th and 9th of May this year, 
immediately prior to the 'Graduate Conference in Political Theory' at Essex 
University. (The Graduate Conference concerns the relationship between 
'Rhetoric and Politics', and guest speakers include Professors Quentin 
Skinner, Joan Copjec, Richard Bellamy and Ernesto Laclau. The Graduate 
Conference will be held on the 9th and 10th and all are welcome). We are 
planning to have four sessions over Thursday and Friday morning, including 
a Distinguished Lecture by Ernesto on the Thursday evening.

             The idea is to devote each of these sessions to discussing a 
book published in the last year by those associated with the Ideology and 
Discourse Theory group. In the last year, Jason Glynos and Yannis 
Stavrakakis published Lacan and Science (Karnac); Mark Devenney published 
Ethics and Contemporary Political Theory (Routledge), and Nathan Wider 
published Genealogies of Difference (Athlone). The idea would be for the 
authors to introduce the main arguments of their books in about 15 minutes; 
this would be followed by general discussion led by two discussants from 
the group. We will expect all participants to have read the books 
beforehand, and envisage the sessions to last about 2 hours. The sessions 
would be built around the different dialogues engendered by each of the 
books in question, namely, psychoanalysis, Critical Theory, Deleuzian 
post-structuralism and genealogy.

Workshop Programme


1-3 pm  Jason Glynos and Yannis Stavrakakis

Lacan and Science

3-3.30 pm  Coffee

3.30-5.30 pm  Mark Devenney

Ethics and Contemporary Political Theory

7pm  Ernesto Laclau

'Rhetoric, political theory and discourse analysis'

Workshop Dinner

FRIDAY, 9th May

10-12 noon  Nathan Widder

Genealogies of Difference

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