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[eccr] Journalists accuse Israel of media violation

Tue Apr 23 21:14:38 GMT 2002

Journalists accuse Israel of media violation
Reporters Sans Frontieres, the international pressure group for
journalists, has condemned Israel in the strongest terms for its "grim
toll of attacks on press freedom".

In an outspoken statement, RSF accused Israel of taking a "racist
attitude to the Arab media" and claimed its violations of press freedom
were "deliberate". "The policy of the Israeli authorities towards the
international media, especially Palestinian journalists, must be
condemned for what it is: a massive, deliberate and conscious violation
of press freedom and an unprecedented low in the history of Israel," the
organization said. 

As the Israeli army began its retreat from the Jenin refugee camp, RSF
published details of the journalists it claims have been wounded or held
back by the authorities. RSF said seven journalists had been wounded,
four detained, 15 arrested, 60 targeted by gunfire and 20 "roughed up or
threatened" in the intense round of fighting in West Bank towns such as
Jenin and Ramallah. RSF also claimed 10 Arab media offices were
"occupied or ransacked" by the Israeli army. "The figures show the
brutality of the Israeli army and its discriminatory, even racist
attitude towards the Arab media and Palestinian journalists," said RSF.

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