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[Commlist] New Issue of Flow published

Thu Jul 16 21:17:46 GMT 2020

The journal is proud to announce the publication of issue 26.09. We are excited to have contributions from members of our own editorial team: Paxton Haven, Lily Kunda, Alex Brannan, Brett Siegel, Eric Forthun, Ash Kinney d'Harcourt, and Andy Fischer Wright. Please see below for more details about the authors' respective columns.

Paxton Haven, "Virtual Music Festivals and the Re-valuation of Connection in a COVID-19 Live Music Marketplace" <> Paxton Haven explores the current trend of virtual music festivals as both a continuation of the collective politics of dance cultures, but also a new frontier of industry intervention in a live music marketplace depleted by COVID-19.

Lily Kunda, "Ben & Jerry's, Black Lives Matter, and the Politics of Public Statements" <> Lily Kunda examines the recent trend of public statements denouncing racism. She questions what role corporations have in dismantling white supremacy.

Alex Brannan, "'It Could Be About Anything': Middleditch & Schwartz and the Viability of Televised Improv Comedy" <> Alex Brannan discusses the potential for mainstream long-form improv, using the Netflix comedy special Middleditch & Schwartz as a case study.

Brett Siegel, "NFL 2020: Football in the Time of Trump, COVID-19, and Mass Protests" <> Brett Siegel examines the NFL’s developing response to the Coronavirus and the George Floyd protests as an extension, and in many ways a culmination, of Trump era anxieties and tensions.

Eric Forthun, "Locating the Local in Late Night Television" <> Eric Forthun looks at how local and regional late night talk shows might help us re-imagine the cultural function of U.S. late night television.

Ash Kinney d'Harcourt, "'Never Too Late to Live Your Authentic Life': Later-In-Life FTM Trans YouTube Narratives" <> Ash Kinney d’Harcourt examines the complexities in the later in life female-to-male (FTM) transition narratives shared on YouTube. The stories of these late bloomers, and trans elders more broadly, are significant at a time when trans futures are uncertain.

Andy Fischer Wright, "'You Can Still Do It': Apple Watch Activity Notifications During COVID-19" <> What does it mean to receive notifications from your smart watch telling you to exercise, especially during a pandemic? Andy Fischer Wright makes an argument that his Apple Watch Activity notifications make it clear that the company is more interested in the data he produces than his well-being.

/Flow/ <> is a critical forum on television and media culture published by the Department of Radio-Television-Film <> at the University of Texas at Austin. /Flow/'s mission is to provide a space where scholars and the public can discuss media histories, media studies, and the changing landscape of contemporary media.

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