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[Commlist] new book: Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices

Thu Jul 16 21:16:19 GMT 2020

Please find our book announcement:

*Book Announcement: Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices*

Maha Bashri, (maha.bashri /at/; Sameera (Ahmedstahmed /at/

I am pleased to announce the publication of our edited volume, /Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices. /The book is published by Rowman &Littlefield.

/Minority Women and Western Media: Challenging Representations and Articulating New Voices/ presents research examining media portrayals of women from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. It provides qualitative and quantitative findings of how women are stereotyped and misrepresented not only because of their gender but also their race, religion, ability, physical attributes, and political status.

Our edited volume scrutinizes intersectionality through varied lens and perspectives. We examine Yassmin Abdel-Majied (being Yassmined) and Serena Williams in Australian media, then the politics of Black hair in South Africa, moving on to Orientalism and media (mis) representations of Muslim women living in the US and Great Britain, followed by coverage of Syrian and Afghan women refugees in Turkish media, onto film representations of Iranian women under the lens of Western media, as well as television representations of women with disabilities.

Our book provides insights into how minority women are represented /and /representing themselves in different media, including newspapers, television shows, films, and online platforms. Whilst their voices are frequently excluded, marginalized and misrepresented, the chapters in this volume show how minority women are creating and articulating new discourses and challenging assumptions and expectations about themselves.

/“Minority Women and Western Media/ is an important study in the light of concerns relating to the experiences of minority women across the world’s media today and the challenges faced in relation to misrepresentation. It fulfills an important function, one that seeks to improve understandings and build relations in the context of wider social and political polarization given the specific concerns regarding the positions and realities of diverse women across the world today.” Tahir Abbas, Leiden University

“Maha Bashri and Sameera Ahmed’s thoroughly-researched collection is a must-read for anyone looking for fresh and robust international perspectives on the misrepresentation and underrepresention of minority women in the media. It’s a subject we can’t ignore any longer.”
— Bruce Mutsvairo, Auburn University

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