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[Commlist] New Book - Masks: Bowie and Artists of Artifice

Wed Jan 22 19:07:13 GMT 2020

Intellect is pleased to announce that /*MASKS: Bowie and Artists of Artifice* <>/**edited by James Curcio is now available.

This interdisciplinary anthology explores the complex relationships in an artist’s life between fact and fiction, presentation and existence, and critique and creation, and examines the work that ultimately results from these tensions.

Using a combination of critical and personal essays and interviews, /MASKS/ presents Bowie as the key exemplifier of the concept of the 'mask', then further applies the same framework to other liminal artists and thinkers who challenged the established boundaries of the art/pop academic worlds, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, Søren Kierkegaard, Yukio Mishima and Hunter S. Thompson. Featuring contributions from John Gray and Slavoj Žižek and interviews with Gary Lachman and Davide De Angelis, this book will appeal to scholars and students of cultural criticism, aesthetics and the philosophy of art; practising artists; and fans of Bowie and other artists whose work enacts experiments in identity.

*_Table of Contents_*
*Acknowledgements *
*Foreword:* The Shifting Shaman of the Modern Age –/John Gray/

*Introduction: *Somebody Else Took His Place, and Bravely Cried… – /James Curcio/

*Chapter 1:* Masks All the Way Down – /James Curcio/

*Chapter 2:* Mishima, Bowie and the Anti-Metaphysics of the Mask – /Roy Starrs/

*Chapter 3: *Not All That Glitters Is Gold: Ziggy Stardust and the Fractured Mask of a Generation – /Lúcio Reis-Filho/

*Chapter 4:* Watch That Man: Splicing Tape with Burroughs and Bowie – /Casey Rae/

*Chapter 5: *From Vigilius Haufniensis to Ziggy Stardust: Pseudonyms, Irony and Truth in Kierkegaard and Bowie – /Tara Isabella Burton/

*Chapter 6:* Mascara and Marriage: The Twin Masks of David Bowie and Robert Smith – /Tom Powers
*Chapter 7:* The Great Contrarians – /Yahia Lababidi/

*Chapter 8:* Seeing Things Like Hunter: Ralph Steadman’s Cartoon Visions as Revelatory Masks in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – /Kevin J. Hunt/

*Chapter 9:* The Beautiful Madness: The Primacy of Wonder in the Work of Thomas Ligotti – /J. F. Martel/

*Chapter 10:* The Skin and the Double: Firbank’s Aesthetics of Surface – /Michael Hunter/

*Chapter 11: *God’s Twisted Identity – /Slavoj Žižek/

*Chapter 12: *Wishful Beginnings and Creative Ends: Conversation with Davide De Angelis – /Davide De Angelis and James Curcio/

*Chapter 13:* On Existentialism and the Occult: Conversation with Gary Lachman – /Gary Lachman and James Curcio/

*Chapter 14:* The Many Masks of Manifestation – /John Harrigan/

*Epilogue:* Art for Art’s Sake – /James Curcio/

*Notes on Contributors

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