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[Commlist] New Book: The Politics of Digital India: **Between Local Compulsions and Transnational Pressures

Fri May 24 00:56:41 GMT 2019;

A New book by Pradip Ninan Thomas.

*The Politics of Digital India: **Between Local Compulsions and Transnational Pressures*

*Oxford University Press, 2019*

*Part of Media Dynamics in South Asia Series edited by Athique Adrian, Vibodh Parthasarthi, and S. V. Srinivas*


This book locates Digital India in context. It deals with the many ways in which Digital India is shaped by local pressures and political expediencies as much as by global pressures, namely from one of India's strongest allies, the USA. However, this relationship with the USA is by no means straightforward and this book illustrates the highs and lows of this relationship. As importantly, this book deals with the larger Indian reality in which the digital is but one sector, albeit an increasingly important one. There are other sectors including agriculture and the informal sectors on which many million Indians depend on their livelihoods. These sectors too are becoming exposed to the digital and this has resulted in the presence of multiple digital spheres in India. This book deals with the ambivalent Indian State that is on the one hand attempting to control its citizens through some of these digital spheres while also investing in public access projects such as Digital India and resisting the power of Big Brother, namely the USA. This is an important contribution to understanding Digital India precisely because it attempts to account for some of its complexities.


Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Section I: Introduction
1) The Politics of Digital India: Between Local Compulsions and Transnational Pressures
Section II: The Control State
2) The Expansion of Politics as Control: Surveillance in India
3) Leisure, Surveillance and the Private Sector in India
4) Software Patent Manoeuvres
Section III: The Sovereign/Ambivalent State?
5) Digital (Transgenic) Seed and its Copy
6) The Contested Nature of Internet Governance
7) The WIPO Treaty for the Visually Impaired as a Double Movement
Section IV: Concluding Chapter
8) Digital India and the Politics and Geopolitics of Information
About the Author

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