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[Commlist] new book: Internet Democracy and Social Change: The Case of Israel

Tue May 14 07:17:29 GMT 2019

New book: Internet Democracy and Social Change: The Case of Israel
Carmit Wiesslitz, Ph.D.
Department of Politics & Communication
Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel

The book may be of interest not only to those who are interested in the Israeli civil society but also to those that are interested in the study of Internet and social change. Here are a few words about the book:

This book examines to what extent the democratic potential ascribed to the Internet is realized in practice, and how civil society organizations exploit the unique features of the Internet to attain their goals. This is the story of the organization members’ outlooks and impressions of digital platforms’ role as tools for social change; a story that debunks a common myth about the Internet and collective action. In a time when social media are credited with immense power in generating social change, this book serves as an important reminder that reality for activists and social change organizations is more complicated. Thus, the book sheds light on the back stage of social change organizations’ operations as they struggle to gain visibility in the infinite sea of civil groups competing for attention in the online public sphere. While many studies focus on the performative dimension of collective action (such as protests), this book highlights the challenges of these organizations’ mundane routines.

Using a unique analytical perspective based on a structural-organizational approach, and a longitudinal study that utilizes a decade worth of data related to the specific case of Israel and its highly conflicted and turbulent society, the book makes a significant contribution to study of new media and to theories of Internet, democracy, and social change.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, this book encompasses three key aspects essential to the study of the relationship between democracy and Internet: traditional media and alternative media; activism and collective action; and democratic debate.

Chapter 1: The Internet as an Alternative to Traditional Mainstream Media
Chapter 2: The Internet as a means of public outreach
Chapter 3: Mobilizing the people: Online organizing and recruitment
Chapter 4: Online discussions: Is the Internet a deliberative and democratic platform for debate?

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