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[Commlist] New Book: Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Mon Apr 08 15:50:41 GMT 2019

New book:

Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts: The Development of Collaborative Platforms for Emerging Creative Talents

Patrice Poujol | Springer, 2019

About this Book:

This book addresses topics including the development of film production in China, platformisation, and blockchain technology for emerging filmmakers.It proposes solutions including (but not limited to) blockchain and smart contract technologies to develop new ways to finance independent films and digital media worldwide.

Using case studies of Alibaba and in-depth, on-set observation of a Sino-US coproduction, as well as research collected from urban China, Hong Kong, Europe, and the USA, ‘Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts’ explores new digital platforms and what this means for the international production of creative works.

This research assesses the change in media consciousness from young urban audiences, their emergence as a potential participative and creative community within dis-intermediated, decentralised and distributed crowdfunding and crowdsourcing models.

This book ultimately discusses important questions about copyright, the adoption of new digital platforms and what this means for the production of creative works, which circulate on these distribution windows in China. In the last chapter, a new model to finance and produce creative content proposes to bring transparency to the film sector and to open doors to emerging artists in digital media.

Appropriate for both professionals and academics in the cultural and creative industries as well as computer science.

Springer Nature Switzerland
Pages: 460 •

*eBook ISBN *978-3-030-02468-0 • US$119.00 ***

*Hardcover ISBN *978-3-030-02467-3 • US$159.99 *

*Prices subject to change.


Series: International Series on Computer Entertainment and Media Technology

Subjects: Political Economy of the Media, Innovation/Technology Management, Film and TV Production

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect at: (patrice.poujol /at/ <mailto:(patrice.poujol /at/>

If you would like to ask for a review copy, you can also email (anthony.dunlap /at/ <mailto:(anthony.dunlap /at/> and (paul.drougas /at/ <mailto:(paul.drougas /at/>

For more information:


Table of contents:

1. Introduction

Part I. Theoretical Framework and Contextualisation:

2. Literature Review

3. Political-Economic Transformations in China

4. Mapping Out the Chinese Media Landscape

Part II. Case Studies: Industrial and Ethnographic Perspectives:

5. Alibaba Pictures: An Illustration of Changing Business Cultures and Film Finance

6. Live Film Production Case Study: The Last Race

7. The Case Study of Youku Tudou

Part III. Participant Approach for a Participatory Model:

8. Chinese Audiences: Evolution and Change of Media Consciousness

9. Participatory Involvement and Focus Groups with Emerging Creative Talents

10. Proposal for a New Participatory Creative Production Model

11. Conclusion


“Poujol has given us an informed, incisive analysis of the political economy of the Chinese media industries and intriguing insights into the game-changing possibilities of blockchain technologies.”

                                    --Richard Allen, Dean and Chair Professor of Film and Media Art at School of Creative Media, City University

“Transparency and accountability are cornerstones for a vibrant creative industry, and Patrice explains in his book how we can build better platforms that serve artists and society.”

--Leonhard Weese, President at the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

“An extensively enlightening read, Patrice Poujol’s assessment is masterful and indispensable.”

                                    --Amit Jumani, Director at Krisco Media FZC

“Supported by in-depth research, the author’s analysis of the innovative ways used in the online film and media industry in contemporary China is excellent and full of timely insights.”

                                  --Jenny Kwok Wah Lau, Professor in the School of Cinema at San Francisco State University

“Poujol presents a candid and revealing analysis in this highly interdisciplinary work, expertly integrating cultural, economic, political, and technical perspectives on sound bases of critical review and first-hand research.”

                                   --George Whitfield (MIT), CEO of HodlPal

“Filmmaking is hard to do and even more difficult to fund, and in China some of these problems have magnified greatly. There is a world of creative talent in China just waiting to be unleashed, and the author shows that blockchain technology has the potential to do just that, and usher in a new golden age of Chinese cinema. Patrice offers an informative explanation of how blockchain technology could change this, and an honest and hopeful message about the potential for this technology to unleash a new generation of Chinese filmmakers. A wonderful read.”

                               --Ryan King, Director of Acceleration at Emurgo Hong Kong (Cardano)


Patrice Poujol is a Research Fellow at the Applied Computing and Interactive Media Centre (ACIM), Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong. His research interests feature digital entertainment, blockchain and the creative industries.

Taking his research as a solid foundation for his future work, he is currently integrating his experience, his knowledge and his network in technology, finance, and media to continue his research and to develop the Lumière Project with a team of experts from the tech world and the film industry. This project should contribute to make the film industry more equitable, creative, and transparent.

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