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[Commlist] Volume 8 of the Journal of Information Policy

Tue Jan 08 08:38:17 GMT 2019

The Institute for Information Policy at Penn State is pleased to announce the publication of vol. 8 of the /Journal of Information Policy. /The 21 papers that comprise this volume are available at: <>




Privacy as Commons: Case Evaluation Through the Governing Knowledge Commons Framework
Madelyn Sanfilippo, Brett Frischmann and Katherine Standburg

Ongoing Policy, Regulatory, and Competitive Challenges facing Canada's Small Internet Service Providers Michael B. McNally, Dinesh Rathi, Kris Joseph, Jennifer Evaniew and Amy Adkisson

How do Public Service Broadcasters Make a Case for Themselves? An Analysis of BBC's “Charter Manifestos”
Alessandro D'Arma

Technophobic Dystopias: A Theoretical Approximation to the Communication Technology Limits Related to Privacy From the Google Glass Case and Audiovisual Fiction
Edisa Mondelo González and Ricardo Vizcaíno-Laorga
DOI: 10.5325/jinfopoli.8.2018.0296

Transparency in Political Advertising: Assessing the Utility and Validity of the FCC's Online Public Inspection File System
Jay Newell and Jeffrey Layne Blevins

Exploring the Policy Value of Cable Franchise and PEG Fees
Duncan Stewart and Lee Shaker

Data Management, Technology, and Public Policy: The Implementation of Next Generation 911 and Its Connection to Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network at Public Safety Answering Points
Elaine Seeman, James Kleckley and James E. Holloway

Special Issue: Digital Inequalities and Discrimination in the Big Data Era

Introduction to the Special Issue: Digital Inequalities and Discrimination in the Big Data Era
Jenifer Sunrise Winter

A Proposal to Adopt Data Discrimination Rather than Privacy as the Justification for Rolling Back Data Surveillance
Benjamin W. Cramer

Health Wearables: Ensuring Fairness, Preventing Discrimination, and Promoting Equity in an Emerging Internet-of-Things Environment
Kathryn Montgomery, Jeff Chester and Katharina Kopp

How Algorithms Discriminate Based on Data they Lack: Challenges, Solutions, and Policy Implications
Betsy Anne Williams, Catherine F. Brooks and Yotam Shmargad

Special Issue: Outreach to the Scholarly Community on the National Broadband Research Agenda

Introduction to the Special Issue: Outreach to the Scholarly Community on the National Broadband Research Agenda: Overview of the Workshop
Krishna Jayakar

Wireless Mesh Networks as Community Hubs: Analysis of Small-Scale Wireless Mesh Networks and Community-Centered Technology Training
Jamie Alexander Greig

A Comparative Analysis of Selected National and Regional Investment Initiatives that Seek to Achieve Broadband Expansion by Deploying NGA Networks
Fernando Beltrán, Marlies Van der Wee and Sofie Verbruggen

Special Issue: The Right to the Protection of One's Own Image in Ibero-America

Introduction to the Special Issue: The Right to the Protection of One's Own Image in Ibero-America and its Relevance for the Right of Publicity in Common Law Countries
Rodrigo Cetina Presuel and Sebastián Zárate Rojas

Implementation of the Right to be Forgotten in Chile: The Right to One's Image as an Essential Part of All People
Ángela Moreno Bobadilla and Fernando Gutiérrez Atala

Old Wine in a New Bottle? Right of Publicity and Right to be Forgotten in the Internet Era
José Manuel Martínez and Juan Manuel Mecinas

The Right of One's Own Image in the Recent Cases of Sexual Harassment in Film Industry: Applying the European Theory of Concentric Circles to Celebrities (In Particular, Women)
Loreto Corredoira

Right to One's Own Image in Spain: What It Is and What It Is Not
Manuel Sánchez de Diego

Book Review

Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter
Review by: Benjamin W. Cramer

Book Review Reply

The Quest for Information Privacy in Africa
Alex B. Makulilo

The Journal of Information Policy brings contemporary scholarly research and analysis of significant information policy issues to the attention of policymakers in a timely fashion via an online format. It is a refereed scholarly journal that is multidisciplinary and international in scope and publishes articles, comments, book reviews, literature reviews, and invited commentary. The Journal of Information Policy is an Open Access Journal which means that all content is freely available immediately upon publication without charge to the user or his/her institution. Volumes 1-8 are available through JSTOR at:

We hope that you enjoy reading the new volume.

Journal of Information Policy editorial staff

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