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[ecrea] New book announcement: Ideology and professional culture of journalists in Cuba. Confidences, dialogues and senses of profession

Sat Dec 17 08:39:56 GMT 2016

NEW BOOK: Ideology and professional culture of journalists in Cuba. Confidences, dialogues and senses of profession

Authors: Martín Oller Alonso, Dasniel Olivera Pérez, Lisset B. Argüelles Montesinos y Oneidys Hernández Vidal.


The present book is the result of the line of research called /Academic and Professional Field of Communication in Cuba///that is developed at the School of Communication of the University of Havana since year 2005 as well as of its national and international resultant academic collaboration that has brought about the participation of different academic networks.The objectives of the study are: 1) to identify and describe the professional ideologies of the journalists that work in the Cuban media;2) to determine the perceptions, strategies, norms and shared values of journalists in Cuba; 3) to establish the sociocultural, political, economic and institutional influences perceived by journalists in Cuba; 4) to describe the idea journalists in Cuba have about the regulation and self-regulation mechanisms of their professional guild.

The book is divided into two different parts. The first one has four chapters that describe the concepts of profession, field of communication and journalism, and professionalization. Apart from this, they analyze the structures, processes and contextual levels that determine journalism as a trade or profession. Accordingly, the professionalization of the journalistic practice, based on the level of professionalism of the journalists, examine (self) regulation factors, journalistic ethic, self-perception and social representation of journalists, as well as the role played by the academy in the education of the future professionals, etc.

They also analyze the concepts of culture and professional ideology based on their epistemological origin and the different perspectives that have addressed them. Then, we discuss in depth the processes of intermediation in journalism that lead to foundation and consolidation of a common ideology –or not- within a specific context that could be defined as the professional culture of a guild.

The second part of the book makes, first, a contextualized theoretical analysis of the state of journalism and journalists in the country; secondly, a dialogical reconstruction of the results of the interviews made to a sample of journalists and, thirdly, the analysis of the bibliographic information obtained by means of other studies and previous reports.

If you want to buy a copy in paper you can do it through this link: <>

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