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[ecrea] New book: impartiality in news and current affairs

Tue Dec 17 05:24:57 GMT 2013

Colleagues might be interested in the following edited book by Leon Barkho – From Theory to Practice: HOW TO ASSESS AND APPLY IMPARTIALITY IN NEWS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS – just published:

Chapters include

1.            How mainstream media can learn from philosophical
               deliberations of impartiality
Leon Barkho

2.            Assessing, measuring and applying ‘public value tests’
               beyond new media: Interpreting impartiality and plurality
               in debates about journalism standards
Stephen Cushion

3.            PSYOPS or journalism? Norwegian information warfare in
Rune Ottosen

4.            A strategic ritual for all?
Morten Skovsgaard

5.            Web hate in social and mainstream media: ‘Why Anders
               Behring Breivik is (not) a hero’
Eva Kingsepp

6.            Connecting the DOT: A protocol for the practice and
               perception of journalism
Miles Maguire

7.            A guilty terrorist suspect? On membership categorization
               and presuppositions in news texts
Gitte Gravengaard

8.            Impartiality and autonomy: Preconditions for journalism in
               weak states
Jöran Hök

9.            Towards a pragmatic view of impartiality
Leon Barkho

10.          Issues of impartiality in news and current affairs – some
               practical considerations
Kevin Marsh

11.          What are the new rules for reporting, sourcing, verifying,
               editing and publishing a social media world?
Eric Auchard

Advanced reviews:

"Academic analysis of journalism has for too long run on a parallel track to the actual practice of journalism. This excellent and clever book has real and practical benefits to journalists because it creates a crossroads at which the two meet. All journalists who are serious about their trade should read it."

Vin Ray
Founder and former director of the BBC College of Journalism

“Impartiality is one of the most widely-used and most widely-misunderstood terms in the news media. This book brings new insights and new research to help us use the word more carefully and more effectively”
Stewart   Purvis, Professor of Television Journalism, City University London, former Editor-in-Chief of the British TV news producer ITN and former senior executive at Ofcom

“From Theory to Practice is an important contribution to our understanding of journalistic impartiality in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world. It should be read by students of journalism, practicing journalists and anyone interested in modern journalism.”

Erik Albæk
Professor of Journalism and Political Science
University of Southern Denmark

“Modern journalism has from its beginnings often found the goal of impartiality a difficult challenge; in the globalized world today it has become positively dizzying. Models and standards of impartiality confront ever-more complex situations, where not only conflicting issues, but the symbols, language, beliefs and worldviews behind them clash in an ever-more heterogeneous media environment. This splendid collection by Leon Barkho explores these dilemmas from a variety of angles, providing much analytic insight and practical wisdom.”
Professor Peter Dahlgren
Lund University

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