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[ecrea] Adaptation: New Issue online

Fri Dec 06 09:24:45 GMT 2013

****** The latest issue of Adaptation has just published online.******

Articles in this issue include:

Anti-anti-fidelity: Truffaut, Roché, Shakespeare

Erica Sheen

Adaptation Essay Prize Winner: Towards an Adaptation Network

Kyle Meikle

A. J. Raffles and Arsène Lupin in Literature, Theatre, and Film: On the Transnational Adaptations of Popular Fiction (1905–30)

Federico Pagello

Crinolines and Pantalettes: What MGM’s Switch in Time Did to Pride and Prejudice (1940)

Linda A. Robinson

Archiving the Digital Transition in the Boomer TV Sitcom Remake

Alex Bevan

Now a Major Soundtrack!—Madness, Music, and Ideology in Shutter Island

Jørgen Bruhn

Jane Austen … Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem

Camilla Nelson

Mr Ripley’s Renaissance: Notes on an Adaptable Character

Wieland Schwanebeck

Recitation, Quotation, Interpretation: Adapting the Ouevre in Poet Biopics

Hannah Andrews



Surveying the Post-Millennial Sherlock Holmes: A Case for the Great Detective as a Man of Our Times

Ashley D. Polasek

Claire Monk, Heritage Film Audiences: Period Films and Contemporary Audiences in the UK

Lucia Krämer

The ‘Great American Novel’ as Pop-up Book: Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Dana Polan


About the journal

Adaptation is an international, peer-reviewed journal, offering academic articles, film and book reviews, including both book to screen adaptation, screen to book adaptation, popular and ‘classic’ adaptations, theatre and novel screen adaptations, television, animation, soundtracks, production issues and genres in literature on screen. Adaptation provides an international forum to theorise and interrogate the phenomenon of literature on screen from both a literary and film studies perspective.

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