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[ecrea] Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, issue 3.2

Wed Dec 12 00:21:54 GMT 2012

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the special issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, now publishing two issues per year

Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, issue 3.2

This special issue of Crossings aims to de-westernize migration theories and practices. Saër Maty Bâ suggests that emerging migrant European populations bring the potential for new knowledge to film and visual culture studies and attempts to make disciplines borderless by questioning methodological orthodoxy. Claudio Canaparo also proposes a conceptual alternative with which to think through notions of migration, dissecting three areas of radical constructivism. Patti Gaal-Holmes and Sally Shaw explore notions of 'home' and formations of identity by examining space-related memory and the British film Black Joy, respectively, while Ruth Doughty discusses the forced migration of African Americans from their homes in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and the consequent, problematic association of black identity with foreignness. The visualization of migrant presence in the work of diasporic women artists is analyzed by Roshini Kempadoo, and Deborah Shaw contributes a survey of filmic representations of migrations from Mexico and Central America to the United States. Finally, Will Higbee argues for the need to explore music and sound in Maghrebi-French and other diasporic and postcolonial cinema.

Media(te) migrations and migrant(s') disciplines: Contrasting approaches to crossings
pp. 173-180(8)
Authors: Maty Bâ, Saër; Ness, Immanuel

Migration and radical constructivist epistemology
pp. 181-200(20)
Author: Canaparo, Claudio

( Re)calling `home': An artist's negotiation and (re)negotiation between memory, geography, history and language
pp. 201-212(12)
Author: Gaal-Holmes, Patti

Displaced audio: Exploring soundscapes in Maghrebi-French film-making
pp. 213-225(13)
Author: Higbee, Will

Migrant identities in film: Migrations from Mexico and Central America to the United States
pp. 227-240(14)
Author: Shaw, Deborah

Creating notebooks, photographs and interventions: Visualizing African, Caribbean and Arabic presence in Europe
pp. 241-254(14)
Author: Kempadoo, Roshini

Katrina's city? New Orleans, race, myth, forced migration and return
pp. 255-270(16)
Author: Doughty, Ruth

A`country boy' migrates to Brixton - re-examining agency, identity and memory in and through Black Joy
pp. 271-282(12)
Author: Shaw, Sally

Close encounters of a migrant kind: Of mirages,peripheries and orthodoxies
pp. 283-304(22)
Authors: Maty Bâ, Saër

pp. 305-310(6)
Authors: East, Jessica; Laursen, Ole Birk

Also recently published: Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, issue 3.1

Spatial allegories of democratic pluralism in Laurent Cantet's Entre les Murs
pp. 3-17(15) Author: Lykidis, Alex

(Re)constructing the self: Diasporic identity, spaces of alterity and narrative reconstruction in Van Cauwelaert's One-Way
pp. 19-31(13) Author: Beck, Gerard

Postcolonial incorporation of the different Other
pp. 33-51(19) Author: Ku, Jane

Izzat and the gaze of culture
pp. 53-70(18) Author: Peart, Kirandeep Kaur

Beyond italian borders: Amara Lakhous and the Mediterranean alternative
pp. 71-87(17) Author: Mazzara, Federica

Immigrant dislocated identities: Rachid Nini's Diario de un ilegal
pp. 89-101(13) Author: Medina, Raquel

Documenting domesticity in Aguaviva and Extranjeras
pp. 103-117(15) Author: Shepherd, N. Michelle

The delayed emergence of Italian Welsh narratives, or class and the commodification of ethnicity?
pp. 119-134(16) Author: Wren-Owens, Liz

What are we to do without exile? On mnemonic traces and communality in the work of Ilana Salama ortar
pp. 135-150(16) Author: Yerushalmy, Merav

Cultural translation and the musafir: A conversation with Robin Yassin-Kassab
pp. 151-162(12) Author: Rashid, Catherine

REVIEWS pp. 163-167(5) Authors: Brioni, Simone; Romero, Eugenia R.

Subscribers can access these issues online: For further information on the journal, please visit the journal’s webpage:,id=173/

Call for Papers
Contributions are sought from academics working in Migration Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Geography, Media Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Film Studies, Oral History and Ethnography, Modern Languages and Literatures, as well as from cultural practitioners, such as filmmakers, photographers, musicians, curators, writers and scriptwriters who work on or around the topic of migration. For further information, please visit the journal’s webpage:,id=173/view,page=2/

Principal Editor
Parvati Nair, Founding Director, United Nations University Institute in Barcelona and Queen Mary, University of London
(pnair /at/

Associate Editors
Omar Garcia-Obregon, Queen Mary, University of London
Elisa Costa Villaverde, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Reviews Editor
Federica Mazzara, Italian Dept. (SELCS), University College London

Published by Intellect

Volume 4, 2013 | 2 issues per year
ISSN: 20404344| Online ISSN: 20404352


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