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[ecrea] New issue of ephemera - The commons and their im/possibilities

Wed Dec 05 21:22:06 GMT 2012

New ephemera issue: The commons and their im/possibilities
Volume 12, number 4

This issue addresses the question of the (im)possibilities of the
commons within contemporary capitalism. It considers the commons within
a variety of manifestations, including the Open Software movement, Open
Education movement, housing, academia, the arts and art education. The
contributions of this issue discuss specific concerns and tensions
around capitalist exploitation and commodification of practices of
political and creative organizing that go beyond commodification and
logics of strategic exchange. A central question in the contributions
within this issue is how capital moves to absorb and enclose current
commons, social relations and public goods, or otherwise put, how the
commons evolve in relation to certain contradictions within their own
status as non-capital.

Editors: Casper Hoedemaekers, Bernadette Loacker and Michael Pederson


The commons and their im/possibilities
Casper Hoedemaekers, Bernadette Loacker and Michael Pedersen

From open source to open government: A critique of open politics
Nathaniel Tkacz

Open education: Common(s), communism and the new common wealth
Mike Neary and Joss Winn

The return of the housing question
Stuart Hodkinson

From humanity to nationality to bestiality: A polemic on alternatives
without conclusion
Werner Bonefeld

Protest without return; or, pedagogy with a gag
Matt Rodda

Making choice, taking risk: On the coming out of Critical Management Studies
Valerie Fournier and Warren Smith

Between the event and democratic materialism
Charles Barthold

Tales of ‘Much of a muchness’: Adventures in the land of social capital
Emma Dowling

Is capitalism dying out?
Steen Nepper Larsen

The complete issue is freely available at:

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