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[ecrea] 10 years of Facebook - CFP for themed issued of New Media & Society

Thu Mar 14 18:23:18 GMT 2013

*Call for Papers*

Themed Issue of New Media and Society: ‘10 years of Facebook’

Guest editors: Siân Lincoln, Liverpool John Moores University, UK and Brady Robards, Griffith University, Australia

In early 2014 Facebook will have been online for ten years. Over the past ten years, Facebook has accumulated over a billion users globally, has achieved an estimated market value of over $100 billion, and has consistently been the most used social network site when compared to its competitors to the point of ubiquity. For many, Facebook has transformed the ways in which we communicate with each other in practically every aspect of our lives. Facebook has also attracted harsh criticism from users for its approach to privacy and transparency, and is regularly at odds with governments and other institutions over regulation and control. Facebook blurs traditional lines between what is private and what is public, while often complicating social relations by naming them and making them visible. The implications associated with the social network’s rise to dominance are complex and sometimes challenging, from both the micro levels of the individual through to the macro levels of society more broadly.

In this themed issue ‘10 years of Facebook’ we wish to explore the current ‘state of play’ with regards to the social, cultural and political significance of Facebook. Our aim is to bring together current academic debates surrounding this ubiquitous social network site to assess how, after ten years in existence, Facebook has made its mark on contemporary society as a space for social, cultural and political interactions. In addition, we wish to explore new and emerging approaches to the study of Facebook that interrogate the often complex relationships between the site, its users and everyday contexts.

We welcome short 250 word abstracts that reflect on ‘10 years of Facebook’, taking stock of the impact the site has had on contemporary social life. While attending to this broad aim, proposed articles will also need to address a more specific theme. Potential themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

   * Identity
   * Performance and representation
   * Youth cultures and subcultures
   * Privacy
   * Friendship
   * Relationships
   * Fandom
   * Age/ageing
   * Before life and after life
   * Political activism
   * Social movements
   * Regulation and control
   * Trolling

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted to Siân Lincoln (( /at/ <mailto:( /at/>) by Wednesday 10th April 2013. On the basis of these short abstracts, invitations to submit full papers (of no more than 8000 words) will then be sent out in late April. Full papers will be due by August 31, and will undergo the usual New Media & Society peer review procedure. Invitation to submit a full paper in no way guarantees acceptance into the issue.



*Dr Brady Robards*
Griffith Centre for Cultural Research
Griffith University, QLD, Australia

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