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[eccr] Fwd: FW: Bourdieu conference.

Mon Oct 21 07:47:17 GMT 2002

>A call for abstracts (to be submitted by the end of October) for a major
>Bourdieu conference next Summer .  Apologies for cross-posting.
>Social Science beyond Bourdieu.
>Pierre Bourdieu was one of the most influential social thinkers of the
>second half of the Twentieth Century.  He has been described as a colossus
>of postwar sociology and there is no doubt that his work amounted to one of
>the most important achievements in social science in the last century.  As
>the obituary which appeared in The Times put it after his death in January
>of this year:  he "was probably the most convincing embodiment of the
>politically active intellectual since Jean-Paul Sartre or Michel Foucault".
>The School of Social Sciences of the University of East London is organizing
>a major conference to consider the significance and impact of Bourdieu's
>work.  Papers are invited which either seek to clarify and assess Bourdieu's
>various analyses or to apply his concepts in new and different contexts.  We
>have identified five main themes:
>Methodology and the use of narrative.
>Cultural consumption and the media.
>Higher education:  systems and practices.
>Cultural Studies and the sociology of culture.
>Gender relations.
>The conference will take place at the Docklands campus of the University of
>East London on June 19-20, 2003.
>Indications of interest will be welcome at any time but outlines of proposed
>papers (200 words) related to the chosen themes should be submitted to the
>Chair of the  organizing committee - Professor Derek Robbins (School of
>Social Sciences, University of East London, Longbridge Road, Dagenham,
>Essex. RM8 2AS; fax:  020-8223 2916; e-mail:  (d.m.robbins /at/ - by
>the end of October, 2002.
>Organizing committee:
>Professor Mike Featherstone, Nottingham Trent University;  Professor Barbara
>Harrison, UEL; Dr. Iain Macrury, UEL; Professor Derek Robbins, UEL;
>Professor Michael Rustin, UEL.
>  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>David Mills,
>Anthropology Co-ordinator,
>C-SAP : Centre for learning and teaching
>     Sociology, Anthropology and Politics,
>University of Birmingham,
>Edgbaston, BIRMINGHAM B15 2TT
>Phone: 01865 793328
>Fax 0121 414 7920
>Email: (d.mills /at/
>Visit C-SAP's website :

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