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[eccr] Call for papers: Violence and media conference

Thu Oct 17 11:21:06 GMT 2002

VIOLENCE AND MEDIA: Resources and Discourses
II International Conference

Faculty of Communication. University Ramon Llull
Barcelona, 9th-10th May 2003

CALL FOR PAPERS (apologies for cross-posting)

The theme for reflection and discussion at the II International Conference on Communication and Reality will be violence. This is not a random choice. Violence in all its forms is a matter of growing concern in today's society, and is currently at the top of the agenda for mass media which are characterised by a tendency to sensationalize journalistic reports. This is evident in the way news is presented, particularly on television, when reporting on war situations, abuse of women and children, natural disasters, and violent crime, for example. The live television broadcasting of the events of September 11 marked a turning point in the media treatment of situations of extreme horror.
Society today is not necessarily more violent, but we have almost certainly become more sensitive to media visualisation of certain conflicts in a world plagued by insecurity and uncertainty. We should ask ourselves why, when real violence shocks and sickens us, we are attracted to and even captivated by fictional works in cinema and on television which depict violent and disturbing situations.

The organisers of the Conference invite submissions of original research papers on any topic related to media and violence. The theme will be explored through four core areas, which correspond to the four central lectures of the conference. 

Thinking and re-thinking violence.
This area might include papers which discuss concepts such as the influences of violence, violence and victimisation, or the use of violence in the media from a receptive point of view.

Resources and discourse of violence in entertainment.
Papers included in this section could address aspects such as violence: ethics and aesthetics, violence and narrative, or the use of violence as a creative resource.

Resources and discourse of violence in information
This section may include reflections on how crime is dealt with in journalism, the communicator as an object of violence, or the news reporting of conflicts.

Resources and discourse of violence in corporate communication
The fourth area will examine violence as a resource in advertising; the use of violence in the media from the consumer's point of view, and violence as a resource to encourage solidarity.

Please send abstracts (400 words maximum) to (cicr /at/ Deadline for proposals is 15 November 2002.

Further information: Conference website:

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