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[Commlist] CFP The Somatechnics of Research

Mon Apr 26 12:32:11 GMT 2021

*The Somatechnics of Research*
Guest edited by Dennis Bruining, Holly Randell-Moon, and Saartje Tack
This special issue /Somatechnics: Journal of Bodies – Technologies – Power /invites contributions that critically examine how research methods, methodologies, theories, practices and institutions constitute somatechnics. Somatechnics here is understood broadly as an approach the body/ technology nexus that displaces the ‘and’ in ‘bodies and technologies’ to account for the ways bodies are always already technologized. Somatechnics research has engendered a wide range of innovative and ground-breaking transdisciplinary scholarship on the body that has been particularly productive in furthering our understanding of the lived experience of various corporealities and social justice issues. This special issue asks how research and its practices engender somatechnical relations of power that constrain and enable the production of knowledge and the capacity to theorise in particular ways.
We are interested in work that:

  * Links somatechnics to philosophies of technology in ways that
    disclose current research practices
  * Explores research practices and institutions as technologies of
    particular kinds of ontologies and epistemologies, for instance in
    the context of colonising knowledges per Linda Tuhiwai Smith
  * Reads somatechnics as a conceptual interlocutor between different
    theoretical and methodological approaches to research practice
  * Discusses the materiality and embodied dimensions to research practices
  * Connects somatechnics to theories of power and racialization in
    research practice
  * Relates somatechnics to the operation of neoliberal capitalism and
    the moulding of bodies as receptive to neoliberal regimes in current
    research practice

We are also interested in work that addresses the broad theme of the somatechnics of research. Please send 200-300w abstracts to: (hrandell-moon /at/ <mailto:(hrandell-moon /at/>
*Abstracts are due April 30**^th **, 2021.*
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out on May 16^th , 2021. Full articles of 6,000-,7000w are due July 30^th , 2021.
We also welcome shorter review essays of 5,000-6,000w.
For more information on the journal, please visit here:

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