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[ecrea] 'Screening the Unreal': Screen Studies Research and Enterprise Group event

Fri Jun 29 23:06:08 GMT 2018

This is a reminder that the Screen Studies Research and Enterprise Group launch event, *Screening the Unreal*, takes place next Wednesday 4 July at Grand Parade.

This one-day symposium will explore film, television and digital media depictions of fantasy, horror, the supernatural, the futuristic, the weird and the uncanny.

Our line-up currently includes papers on early trick photography, 1980s fantasy film, Gothic videogames, avant-garde cinema, children’s television and online culture. The event will cover such media as the TV series /American Horror Story/, /Humans/, /Killjoys /and /Twin Peaks/, the films /Weird Science/, /The Wicker Man /and /Cuadecuc, Vampir/, and digital games /Forbidden Siren/, /Alien:Isolation /and /Gone Home/.The full programme is detailed below.

Please visit our new blog to find out more about the REG and this exciting launch event: <redir.aspx?REF=neB9ZrY4POzPB89GJbzQA_TvtdTFNQb36VlloYL7CYI3TtmMpd3VCAFodHRwOi8vYmxvZ3MuYnJpZ2h0b24uYWMudWsvc2NyZWVuaW5ndGhldW5yZWFsLw..>

Book your free ticket here: <redir.aspx?REF=6N05hjuCIgi0UchWR3N7Ykg_CrtGPtTpxJbmOwzLlIA3TtmMpd3VCAFodHRwczovL3d3dy5ldmVudGJyaXRlLmNvLnVrL2Uvc2NyZWVuaW5nLXRoZS11bnJlYWwtdGlja2V0cy00NzAzMzE2MTQ1Mg..>

*Screening the Unreal*
*Screen Studies Research and Enterprise Group Launch*

*"It’s Alive!": Horror and the Moving Image*
•Xavier Aldana-Reyes – Why Affect Matters: The Importance of Emotion and Somatics to the Study of the Horror Film •Glenn Ward – Vampires in the Vanguard: When Pere Portabella Met Jesús Franco •Darren Elliott-Smith – "Drag, Die, Repeat": Performative Pleasure and Queer Horror in /American Horror Story/

*Fantastic Cinema*
•Frank Gray – The Impossible: Early Film and the Representation of the Unreal •Emma Withers – Disembodying Scarlett Johansson: Gender, Genre and Performance •Holly Chard – "Don’t Ruin the Fantasy, Okay?": Teenage Masculinity and Fantasies of Womanhood in /Weird Science/

*Amazing Television*
•Sally Shaw – "The Past Threatens to Break in": /Sapphire and Steel/, Uncanny Spaces and ‘New Right’ Ideology •Louise Fitzgerald – "Under His Eye": Ocularcentrism, Haptic Theory and /The Handmaid's Tale/ •Martin Fradley – "It is happening … again": Uncanny Repetition, Donald Trump and /Twin Peaks: The Return/

*"This Can’t be Happening": Gothic Video Games*
•Emily Jessica Turner – Trapped within the Victorian Gothic: How Video Games Reimagine /The Yellow Wallpaper/ •Rob Gallagher – Artificial Intelligence, Real Fear: Gothic Video Games and the Horror of Intelligent Machines •Ewan Kirkland – "Nuke Possum Springs": /Night in the Woods/, Digital Storytelling and the Ludo-Gothic

*Contemporary Screen Science Fiction *
•Ali Williams – The Dutch-Aneela Effect:  Doppelgangers and Binary Opposition in SyFy’s /Killjoys/ •Patricia McManus – Dystopian 'Mobs': Politics and Form in /Black Mirror / and /Bladerunner 2049/ •Aris Mousoutzanis – Science Fiction, Biopolitics and the Simulacrum: Channel 4’s /Humans / •Christine Cornea – "For Queen, For Country, For Kicks": Post-Apocalyptic Patriotism, Youth and Gender in /Spooks: Code 9/

*"We Didn’t Burn Him!": Folk Horror and British Screen Cultures*
•Douglas McNaughton – Folk Horror in British Television Drama: The Pattern Under the Plough •David Powell – Hesitation, Repetition and Deviation: The Temporal Nightmares and Haunted Landscapes of British Television
•Diane A. Rodgers – Why Wyrd? Why Folklore? Why Now?

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