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[ecrea] New Book: Global Convergence Cultures: Transmedia Earth

Wed May 02 12:43:56 GMT 2018

New book:

*Global Convergence Cultures: Transmedia Earth*

*_Edited by Matthew Freeman and William Proctor_*

Series: Routledge Advances in Internationalizing Media Studies <>

Today’s convergent media industries readily produce stories that span multiple media, telling the tales of superheroes across comics, film and television, inviting audiences to participate in the popular universes across cinema, novels, the Web and more. This transmedia phenomenon may be a common strategy in Hollywood’s blockbuster fiction factory, tied up with digital marketing and fictional world-building, but transmediality is so much more than global movie franchises. Different cultures around the world are now making new and often far less commercial uses of transmediality, applying this phenomenon to the needs and structures of a nation and rethinking it in the form of cultural, political and heritage projects.

This book offers an exploration of these national and cultural systems of transmediality around the world, showing how national cultures – including politics, people, heritage, traditions, leisure and so on – are informing transmediality in different countries. The book spans four continents and twelve countries, looking across the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Estonia, USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, India, and Russia.

*Dr Matthew Freeman* is Reader in Multiplatform Media at Bath Spa University and Co-Director of its Centre for Media Research. He is the author of /Historicising Transmedia Storytelling/ (2016) and /Industrial Approaches to Media/ (2016), the co-author of /Transmedia Archaeology/ (2014), and the co-editor of /The Routledge Companion to Transmedia Studies/ (2018).

*Dr William Proctor* is Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communication at Bournemouth University. He has published on numerous topics of popular culture and is the forthcoming author of /Reboot Culture: Comics, Film, Transmedia/ and co-editor of /Disney’s Star Wars: Forces of Production, Promotion and Reception/.

/Table of Contents:/

Foreword: Earth to Transmedia
– /Toby Miller/

Introduction: Conceptualizing National and Cultural Transmediality
– /Matthew Freeman and William Proctor
*Part I: European Transmediality*

1. United Kingdom: The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu’s ‘Comeback’ as Transmedia Undertaking
– /Matt Hills/

2. Spain: Emergences, Strategies and Limitations of Spanish Transmedia Productions
– /Carlos A. Scolari, Mar Guerrero-Pico and María-José Establés/

3. Portugal: Transmedia Brand Narratives, Cultural Intermediaries and Port Wine
– /Matthew Freeman and Ana Margarida Meira
4. France: Telling Tales of Cultural Heritage using Transmedia Storytelling
– /Mélanie Bourdaa/

5. Estonia: Transmedial Disruptions and Converging Conceptualizations in a Small Country
– /Indrek Ibrus and Maarja Ojamaa/

*Part II: North and South American Transmediality*

6. United States: Trans-worldbuilding in the Stephen King Multiverse
– /William Proctor/

7. Canada: Transmediality as News Media and Religious Radicalization
– /Marie-Eve Carignan and Sara Marcil-Morin/

8. Colombia: Transmedia Projects in Contexts of Armed Conflict and Political Change
– /Camilo Tamayo Gómez and Omar Mauricio Velásquez
9. Brazil: Reconfigurations and Spectatorship in Brazilian Telenovelas
– /Felipe Muanis and Rosane Svartman/

*Part III: Asian Transmediality*

10. Japan: Fictionality, Transmedia National Branding and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
– /Manuel Hernández-Pérez/

11. India: Augmented Reality, Transmedia Reality and /Priya’s Shakti/
– /Matthew Freeman/

12. Russia: Interactive Documentary, Slow Journalism and the Transmediality of /Grozny: Nine Cities/
– /Renira Rampazzo Gambarato/

/Published by Routledge and available at:/ <>

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