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[ecrea] CFP -- Atlas of Transitions and Open Migration

Mon Apr 02 23:37:51 GMT 2018

CALL for PAPERS -- for /Atlas of Transitions' /and/Open Migration'/s//web platforms, in collaboration with the **Department of Sociology and Business Law* <>***of the University of Bologna, Italy

/Atlas of Transitions – New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe/( is an international cooperation project that promotes the active participation of migrants and local communities in the production of collective artistic works in seven European countries: Italy, Albania, Belgium, Poland, France, Greece, and Sweden. During the three years of /Atlas of Transitions/ (2017-2020), each of the countries involved becomes the site for the design and exchange of artistic practices (including workshops, urban mapping, video installations, and documentary theatre) as well as academic research. The project in fact supports the joint action of cultural organisations and academic partners, which are organised as a European University Network coordinated by the **Department of Sociology and Business Law* <>***of the**University of Bologna, Italy.

Throughout the three years of the project, the /Atlas of Transitions' /web platform (<>) will collect and disseminate materials about artistic activities and productions as well as academic works and analyses of the creative processes and techniques employed to create intercultural meeting spaces and facilitate the inclusion of migrants and refugees in everyday social life. The material will be free to download here:

With the aim to broaden the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about the function of the arts, and theatre in particular, in migrant inclusion-related processes, we are interested in investigating the different approaches proposed by both scholars and practitioners. The themes of analysis that we would like to explore are, although not limited to, those suggested below:

- Artistic performance – e.g. body techniques and perception of space for artists with different cultural backgrounds;

- Working practices in multicultural productions – e.g. solidarity within diverse societal contexts;

- Theatre and theatrical activity as metaphors for daily life in different frameworks and societies;

- Theatre for development and social change – e.g. social drama, community empowerment, promotion of human rights;

- Collective productions as expressions of cultural heritage and community memory;

- Music theatre and dance as links between different cultural identities;

- Audience reception of creative multicultural productions.

We invite proposals for and submission of 1,000 word essays, accompanied by 1-2 pictures representing artistic activities and/or artefacts, to be published on both the websites of /Atlas of Transitions/ and /Open Migration/ ( Please, send your contents to Pierluigi Musarò ((pierluigi.musaro /at/, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Bologna (, and Francesca Di Renzo, PhD, website editor of /Atlas of Transitions/ ((francesca /at/

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