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[ecrea] After the Coup: Political Communication in a Post-Democracy Era

Tue Feb 27 17:18:59 GMT 2018

Contracampo - Brazilian Journal of Communication

*Call for Papers After the Coup: Political Communication in a Post-Democracy Era *
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Afonso de Albuquerque

The parliamentary coup which, on 31st August 2016, ousted elected President Dilma Rousseff from office, caught academia by surprise. Although the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate were directly responsible for the deposition of Dilma Rousseff, the coup was a complex process involving different sectors of society: the judicial apparatus formed by the Judiciary Branch, the Public Prosecution and the Federal Police, as well as business organizations, especially FIESP and, of no less importance, mainstream press.

Until recently, the consolidation of the Brazilian democracy was taken as given. Despite the quality of democracy, much of the analytical effort undertaken by the researchers intended to prove that, despite problems, institutions worked well enough to ensure political order. In fact, in some cases, the agenda of research seemed clearly optimistic, emphasizing the improvement of the country’s accountability institutions (especially the Public Prosecution), legal innovations such as the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, and practices of e-democracy conducted by institutions – for example tools of digital participation – or the use of social media as a resource for political mobilization. The concretization of the coup, the deterioration of the political stability that followed, and the advancement of the conservative agenda that threatens social rights and freedom of expression in the country suggest that a rethink of the research agenda for Journalism and Political Communication is necessary.

The special issue “After the Coup: Political Communication in a Post-Democracy Era” of Contracampo - Brazilian Journal of Communication presents an opportunity for interested researchers to explore the challenges facing research on Journalism and Political Communication in Brazil. We encourage the submission of articles that explore the role played by media organizations in the preparation of an environment favorable to the coup, through the delegitimization of representative political institutions in the country, and its role in the political dynamics from the current installation of the new government. A non-exhaustive list of topics that could be explored on the special issue includes: - Journalism and professional ethics in contemporary Brazil: challenges and perspectives
- Patterns of media coverage before and after the coup
- Media, corruption, judicialization and criminalization of politics
- Networks of alternative communication in the new political landscape
- Far-right networks and the new conservative agenda in Brazil
- The political crisis in Brazil in the context of Latin America;
- Organizations as political agents in post-democratic Brazil;
- Economic policy of the media in post-democratic Brazil;
- The literature on media and democratization: critical perspectives
- Media and social issues in Brazil

Deadline for submissions: March 1st, 2018.

The rules and guidelines for authors are available on our website.

Contracampo – Brazilian Journal of Media Studies is an Open Access Journal, Free of Charge, and a quarterly publication of the Graduate Programme in Communication Studies (PPGCOM) at Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Brazil. It aims to contribute to critical reflection within the field of Media Studies, being a space for dissemination of research and scientific thought. Since 2017 Contracampo - Brazilian Journal of Communication is a bilingual publication, receiving papers in Portuguese or in English. The authors must send the translation into the second language after confirmation of acceptance for publication.

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