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[ecrea] ICA's International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies

Wed Jan 10 21:59:16 GMT 2018

The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies is the official journalism studies encyclopedia of ICA. Most of the entries that make up the encyclopedia are being written now, all by eminently qualified scholars. However, there is still an opportunity to contribute to this important project for a limited number of entries. If you would like to write any of the unassigned keywords listed below, please contact the associate editor listed and very briefly indicate your qualifications to address the subject. Editors will sort through the inquiries and select the authors. This is an important form of scholarship and service to the field. Please consider how you can make this a valuable volume for the field of journalism studies.

Licensing and Certification of Journalists

Latin and South American Journalism

North American Journalism

Ledes and Story Structure

Multitasking or Multiskilling

News Cycle


News Production Routines

Professional Identity of Journalists

Robot Journalism

For any of these encyclopedia entries, please contact:

Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh, (mgeertse /at/ <mailto:(mgeertse /at/>

Sponsorship and Sponsored Content

Externalities and Journalism


Editors, News Directors and Producers

For any of these encyclopedia entries, please contact:

Annika Sehl, (annika.sehl /at/ <mailto:(annika.sehl /at/>

Accountability in Journalism

Autonomy: Independence from Market Forces

Corrections and Retractions

Freebies / Gifts and Giveaways for Journalists

Minimization of Harm

Public Service Role of Journalism

Codes of Ethics

Ombudsmen / Reader Representatives

Printing Press: Invention and Impact

Revolutionary Press: Europe and America

For any of these encyclopedia entries, please contact:

Tim P. Vos, (vost /at/ <mailto:(vost /at/>

Advocacy Journalism

Development Journalism

Drone Journalism

Investigative Journalism

Niche Journalism or Narrowcasting

Vox Pops

Awards and Prizes for Journalism

Museums of News / Journalism Memorials

Polls and Polling

Race Issues in News Coverage

Broadcast Journalism: Radio

Broadcast Journalism: Television

Cable and Satellite Television Journalism

Digital Journalism

Newspaper Journalism

For any of these encyclopedia entries, please contact:

Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, (dimitrakopouloud /at/ <mailto:(dimitrakopouloud /at/>

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