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[ecrea] cfp - Language Game[s]: Poetry, Logic and Artificial Language

Wed Jan 25 19:12:52 GMT 2017


Language Game[s]: Poetry, Logic and Artificial Language
10am – 6pm, Friday 05 may 2017
Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, SW1P4JU

Keynote Speaker: Ken Hollings

A one-day symposium, Language Game[s] considers the association between language and human consciousness and how developments in technology might affect this relationship.

Where does meaning lie in language? Philosophical discourses tend to assume that language is something produced by human beings. Is linguistic meaning supplied by human consciousness, or does it take place in the material act of expression (speech/writing)? If meaning in language resides within ‘the human’ and is an expression of thinking, then what happens when language migrates to machines? Language Game[s] proposes to examine the following questions: what is language as a primary human technology, and how are both language and us, being changed due to the rise of artificial/simulated language systems? In short: what is language, when it is no longer made by humans, but by a machine?

At present, Artificial Language systems (such as Siri and/or Amazon Echo) mimic the forms of human speech, but cannot replicate the cognitive processes which lie behind language. As technology develops and Artificial Language systems become ever more autonomous, how will this affect us? Can a machine produce poetry in anything but name?

We invite speakers from across a range of disciplines to speak about the shift from human-led language to language made by machines. This might include philosophers, artists, designers, programmers of artificial language systems, AI experts, scientists, linguists, ‘other’.

Proposals are invited across the following topics (but by no means limited to them):

•How is the materiality of language changing, and do those changes matter?
•What is gained or lost in the transition from embodied speech as we have always known it, to ‘coded’ speech
•Is the relationship between language and the ‘human’ being redefined?
•How does Machine-led language (speech/writing) refer to thinking? (the Turing Test and beyond) •What is the role of poetry in reminding us of the relationship between human beings and language? •What questions around the ethics of technology arise as the result of the shift towards machine-led languages? •If language is the ‘interface’ between the individual and the world, how is that interface changing (and/or changing us?) •How have artists, designers, poets, and ‘others’, responded to questions surrounding language and technology? What can we learn from them? •Technical presentation from the AI/AL community who are actively engaged in producing speech/writing for computer systems are welcomed (aimed at a non-technical audience). •Presentations on creative work which critiques language as a primary human activity are welcomed. These may be presented in paper form, and/or as part of the exhibition of works to be presented during the event.


Proposals are invited from across disciplines with a connection to the subject area covered by the symposium and related exhibition.

We welcome proposals for traditional presentations, performative contributions / variations on the lecture form, technical presentations/demonstration and works for exhibition.

Your proposed contribution should be no more than 20 minutes in duration.

Submit your proposal here:

The firm deadline for application is 17.00 on March 06 2017.

Language Game[s] is convened by Dr Sheena Calvert and presented by Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School Public Programme at University of the Arts London.

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