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[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media and Violence

Wed Jan 25 19:12:36 GMT 2017

"Media and Violence"*

Paper Submission Deadline:
April 20, 2017
Wars, conflicts, terrorist events, humanitarian crises and social tensions continue to determine the agenda of Turkey and the world. The reflection of acts of violence dominating the literature in media and communication studies and the social influence of violence in the media still maintain their significance.

Ranging from individual crimes to regional wars, the phenomenon of violence is encountered by various events, and the media offers the opportunity to produce violence in new forms. This applies not only to physical and visible violence, but also to symbolic violence.

Following this framework, in order to examine the phenomenon of violence with respect to the media and communication, the theme of Marmara Journal of Communication’s 27th issue is defined as "The Media and Violence".

We expect you to contribute with articles and reviews under the following headings:

- Media violence
- Representation of violence in the media
- Violence and political discourse
- Representation of terrorist incidents in the media
- Reporting of terrorist incidents
- Terrorism and journalism
- Communication of terrorism
- Cyberterrorism
- Media, freedom of expression and terrorism
- Reporting of acts of violence and ethics
- Representation of crime, criminal, violence and justice in the media
- Reception of crime and violence via media
- Crime, violence and cybercrime in the new media
- New crime and criminal categories, reproduction of crime in the media
- Media as the victim or target of violence
- Crisis, conflict, trauma and media
- Trauma narratives and representations in the media
- Mediatization of traumatic events and disasters in Turkey
- Crises as a media discourse
- Conflict, conflict reporting and peace journalism
- Mediatic construction of conflicts
- Gender and violence in the media
- Representation of terror and terrorist discourse in cinema
- Media, violence and children
- Military coup and the media in Turkey

Please submit your articles for Marmara Journal of Communication’s 27th issue through our online submission system at . For questions and comments, you can contact us via email at (iletisimdergi /at/

*Editor      : *Hediyetullah Aydeniz
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Marmara University, Faculty of Communication
Marmara University, Nişantaşı Campus,
Büyükçiftlik Street, No:6 Nişantaşı 34365 Şişli/ Istanbul

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