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[ecrea] new book - Storyboarding: A Critical History

Thu Oct 22 12:23:23 GMT 2015

May we introduce:

*/Storyboarding: A Critical History/** (Palgrave, 2015)*

Below you will find a short description, the table of contents, and two


This study provides the first book-length critical history of
storyboarding. With roots in pre-cinematic experiments in the moving
image, the form rapidly developed alongside animation, culminating in
Disney's feature-length /Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/. William
Cameron Menzies similarly advanced the use of storyboarding for
live-action cinema, although it was just one of his methods of
production design for /Gone with the Wind/, often mistakenly described
as a completely storyboarded film. Equally controversial is Alfred
Hitchcock's use of storyboards, as for the notoriously problematic
shower scene in /Psycho/. The form came to greater attention in the late
1970s in the 'cinema of effects' of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas;
and with the emergence of today's new digital technologies,
storyboarding has never been more prominent. This book examines all of
these developments and more, drawing on archival research and
illustrated with images from the beginnings of cinema to the present day.



1. The Prehistory of Storyboarding

2. Storyboarding at Disney

3. William Cameron Menzies, /Alice in Wonderland/, and /Gone with the Wind/

4. Storyboarding, Spectacle and Sequence in Narrative Cinema

5. Hitchcock and Storyboarding

6. Constructing the Spielberg-Lucas-Coppola Cinema of Effects

7. Storyboarding in the Digital Age


*Back-cover reviews:*

“Pallant and Price’s innovative analysis uses the historical development
of the storyboard, in its many complex guises, as a way of demonstrating
its function as a mode of literal and iterative ‘screen-writing’. An
interrogative and often insightful analysis that refreshes the address
of such well-documented productions as /Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs/, and /Psycho/, and points to new ways of understanding the role
of the storyboard in the era of visual effects, gaming and on-line
movie-making. A genuine, critical intervention in the often invisible
and disregarded processes of pre-production.” */— Paul Wells, Director
of the Animation Academy, Loughborough University, UK/*//

“Storyboards aren’t just a routine part of planning a blockbuster, we
learn from this exhilarating book. They are essential documents in the
creative process, and they powerfully shape how films look and sound.
Pallant and Price survey storyboarding from the beginning of cinema to
the most recent blockbusters, lingering on /Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs/, /Gone with the Wind/, /Psycho/, /Jaws/, /The Empire Strikes
Back/, /Gravity/, and Pixar productions. Along the way, the authors make
fruitful connections with comic strips, television production, and
digital previsualization. Subtle, judicious, and meticulously
researched, Storyboarding offers the most comprehensive account of a
production practice that has become central to popular moviemaking.” */—
David Bordwell, Jacques Ledoux Professsor Emeritus at the University of
Wisconsin, USA/*//

*About the authors:*

*Chris Pallant* is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Canterbury Christ
Church University, UK. He is the author of /Demystifying Disney: A
History of Disney Feature Animation/ (2011), the editor of /Animated
Landscapes: History, Form and Function/ (2015), and currently serves as
Vice President for the Society for Animation Studies.

*Steven Price* is Reader in English Literature at Bangor University, UK.
He is the author of /A History of the Screenplay/ (2013) and /The
Screenplay: Authorship, Theory and Criticism/ (2010), and is currently
editor of the /Journal of Screenwriting/.

Best wishes,
Chris and Steve


Dr Chris Pallant

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies | Programme Director: MA by Research

School of Media, Art and Design

Canterbury Christ Church University

North Holmes Road | Canterbury | Kent CT1 1QU

Vice-President, Society for Animation Studies

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