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[ecrea] New Issue (8.2) out now of the Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research

Tue Oct 06 19:03:23 GMT 2015

I am pleased to announce the publication ofIssue 8.2 of the /Journal of
Arab and Muslim Media Research/ which has an interesting line up of
timely papers. The journal is an international refereed academic
platform, published by Intellect in the UK.,id=148/view,page=4/

You may access the papers of this issue as well as other issues from the

I am hoping you will find this publication a valuable resource for
research about media, communication and society in the Arab World and
the Middle East.

*_Issue: 8.2-_*


1-‘Visible and invisible: An audience study of Muslim and non-Muslim
reactions to orientalist representations in I Dream of Jeannie’

Authors: Katherine Bullock

2-‘Transformative pan-Arab TV: National and cultural expression on
reality TV programs’

Authors: Noureddine Miladi

3-‘Bullying and labelling as communication tools of control and domination’

Authors: Mahboub Hashem

4-‘The impact of applying instructional design principles on students’
attitudes towards the learning content’

Authors: Elsayed A. Elkilany

5-‘Extremism or terrorism: Communicating Islamophobia on YouTube in the
Norwegian attacks’

Authors: Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u

*_Issue 8.1-_*

‘Egypt shifts towards a networked journalism paradigm’

Authors: Naila Nabil Hamdy

‘Media propaganda and human rights issues: What can be learnt from the
former Yugoslavia’s experience in relation to the current developments
in the Arab Spring countries?’

Authors: Renaud de la Brosse
<,a=d/view-Contact-Page,id=40177/> And
Nouri Lajmi
<,a=L/view-Contact-Page,id=40175/> And
Annelie Ekelin

‘Framing the Islamic State on Al Jazeera English and the BBC websites’

Authors: Mohamed Satti

‘Jordanian journalists’ awareness of the concepts and standards of
journalistic quality within Jordanian media institutions’

Authors: Basim Mohammed Tweissi
<,a=T/view-Contact-Page,id=40172/> And
Raid Jameel Suleiman
<,a=S/view-Contact-Page,id=40176/> And
Aiman Sanad Al-Garrallah

Have a good read,

Noureddine Miladi (Editor)


*Noureddine Miladi (PhD)***

Associate Professor in Mass Communication

Department of Mass Communication

College of Arts and Science

Qatar University

PO Box: 2713


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