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[ecrea] CfP News Media Development and Sustainability in Africa

Tue Apr 28 08:00:06 GMT 2015

Academy of Journalism and Media & Enterprise Institute, University of
Neuchâtel, Switzerland, are seeking papers for presentation at an
international conference exploring African media development and
sustainability that will be held at the University of Neuchâtel,
Switzerland, October 22-23, 2015.

Best papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of
Journal of Media Business Studies.

The aim of this international conference is to shed light on (1) how
media are developing in different parts of Africa and what are the main
constraints to their development, (2) what factors might help bridge
financial and human
capital gaps and strengthen long-term impact of international support on
media sustainability, as well as on (3) how support to media development
in Africa can be an opportunity also for western media and investors.
Free and independent information media are fundamental for both the
economic and democratic development of societies. In certain African
countries, where conflicts are in place, media development is mainly
being supported
by international donors and non-profit organizations: they provide
initial investments to help stabilize countries and support their
transition toward democracy or out of war. After a certain level of
success is perceived, donors
and organizations either lower their support or withdraw completely. The
sustainability of media in the long run is therefore the biggest problem
for developing democracies to solve. When looking at the five objectives
according to the media sustainability index, are deemed to enable a
media system to be independent and sustainable, the one measuring if
“media are well managed, allowing editorial independence” scores the lowest
for various African countries. This calls for a new approach to African
journalism and media management both in terms of financial support and
dedicated educational programs.

We are particularly interested in African media development. However,
submissions looking at media financing and sustainability in other
developing countries are welcome as they might enlarge perspectives and
comparative analysis. Both theoretically and empirically-based abstracts
related to the workshop theme can be submitted. Suggested research
topics for contributions include, but are not limited to:

  * News media business best practices in African or other developing
  * Sustainability oriented news media business models in developing
  * Impact of different forms of investments on African news media
  * Joint ventures and strategic alliances for African news media
  * Impact of international news media organizations on the news media
    landscape in developing countries
  * Managerial challenges related to media sustainability in African
  * Impact of new technologies on news media innovation and sustainability
  * Relation between media regulation and media sustainability in Africa
  * Staff development needs within news media firms in developing countries
  * Media management academic and training programs in Africa

200-300 word abstracts are due June 21, 2015 with notifications of
accepted proposals on July 5, 2015. Full papers will be due October 1,
2015. Please send abstracts to: (cinzia.dalzotto /at/

• October 22: The academic community will present the state of the art
of research on media sustainability in developing countries.
• October 23: International representatives of potential investors,
independent media entrepreneurs and the donor community present their
views and discuss possible and viable cooperative solutions to news
media sustainability in Africa. Academics will contribute to the
discussion and reflect on ways for integrating practitioners’ needs and
ideas in a future practice oriented research agenda.

Conference Organizers Cinzia Dal Zotto, University of Neuchâtel, and
Fondation Hirondelle

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