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[ecrea] Affect Theory Worldings/Tensions/Futures CFP

Sun Apr 12 10:56:56 GMT 2015


October 14-17, 2015  Millersville University’s Ware Center, Lancaster PA

Website: <>
Twitter: @affectWTF

    _Confirmed plenary speakers_: Ben Anderson, Brian Massumi, Erin
    Manning, Heather Love, Jasbir Puar, Jason Read, Jeremy Gilbert,
    Katie Stewart, Lauren Berlant, Lawrence Grossberg, Lisa Blackman,
    Melissa Gregg, Natasha Dow Schüll, Patricia Clough, Shaka McGlotten,
    Steven Shaviro, Tavia Nyong’o, and Zizi Papacharissi.

Over the course of the last decade especially, it is safe to say that
affect, studies of affect, and theories of affect have steadily risen to
prominence within and across a variety of academic disciplines, artistic
practices, and research approaches. Not without some amount of
controversy and pushback, the relatively rapid movement of affect toward
the forefront of critical attention has been opening new paths of
intellectual inquiry, reshuffling longstanding debates and conceptual
formations, and inspiring imaginative cross-fertilizations of
disciplinary and aesthetic genres. Now seems a perfect time to pause and
take stock. So, let’s do that.

Gathering together many of the leading and emerging voices that have
helped give contour and texture to the contemporary discourses of
affect, this three-day conference – with a lively mix of plenaries,
selected panel-streams, PhD workshops, and other events – will be
devoted to addressing affect from a broad spectrum of vantage points.

Located in and around Millersville University’s downtown Ware Center in
Lancaster Pennsylvania, this setting will provide a truly intimate and
distinctive opportunity to engage in-depth and at length in discussions
about the past, present and future state(s) of affect study. Duke
University Press will publish work drawn from this conference in a
follow-up volume to the /Affect Theory Reader/ (Gregg & Seigworth, 2010).

*CONFERENCE STREAM PROPOSALS* have now been solicited and accepted. You
will find the /nineteen/ *PANEL STREAMS* below. For full details and
further description, look under ‘submissions/CFP’ at the conference website.


*Affect Theory Streams (Stream# in no particular order):*


*S1 – Psychoanalysis, Affect, Time*

*S2 -  Black Affect and Minor Feelings*

*S3 – Affective Capitalism*

*S4 – Affect & Practices of Power and Resistance in Latin America & the
Global South*

*S5 -  Media / Mediation / Affect*

*S6 -  Posthuman Affects in 21^st Century Feminist Production*

*S7 – Affect and Its Queer Intersections: Race, Trans*, and Biopolitics*

*S8 – Affect Theory and Arts-Based Research: The Event of Poiesis*

*S9 – Affect, Identity, and Resistance within the Neoliberal Academy*

*S10 – Reading Human Rights & Literature Through Affect: a decolonizing

*S11 – Ordinary Affect and Everyday Life*

*S12 – Listening as Worlding: Sound Knowledge and its Translation*

*S13 – Engaging Religious and Secular Affect*

*S14 – Art and ‘Urban Textures: The City and Affective Experimentation*

*S15 – Practising Affect: Exercises, Techniques, Methodologies*

*S16 – Philosophical Genealogies of Affect*

*S17 – Affective Ecologies and Everyday Outdoor Encounters*

*S18 – Feeling Mobilities / Mobile Feelings*

*S19 – FTW (For the Wayward), or, Islands in the Streams*



1)250-word PAPER ABSTRACTS – oriented to the accepted stream proposals
CONFERENCE WEBSITE* at (affect-sub /at/
<mailto:(affect-sub /at/>. The final deadline for submissions
is MONDAY, MAY 18. To aid with proper routing, *PLEASE INCLUDE THE
STREAM # and/or NAME OF THE STREAM in the subject-line* of your emailed
paper submission. The email attachment of your abstract should be in
Word or pdf. Abstracts can be single-authored or co-authored.


       For those who pursue affect in ways that might be somewhat less
formally academic and more aesthetic/performative/poetic/evocative, we
welcome the submission of proposals for performances, art installations,
musical pieces, film and video showings, and similarly provocative
interventions. /Please submit a detailed description of no more than 500
words regarding any such activity – including special requirements for
space and some sense of the time-range – to (affect-sub /at/
by no later than MONDAY, MAY 18./ Make sure to put the words ‘WRECK THE
FORMAT’ in your email subject-line if your proposal is intended for this
type of presentation. Initial inquiries about the possible inclusion of
such work at this conference is encouraged well before the May 18
deadline however. //

*FINAL PROGRAM:* The conference’s program, including any
performance-related ‘wreck-the-format’ works and PhD workshops, will be
posted to this website by late June or early July. Conference
registration for the conference will open at the same time.

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