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[ecrea] CFP: Disrupting Visibility: The Politics of Passing

Mon Apr 06 06:59:48 GMT 2015

Just a reminder that the deadline for submission is fast approaching!
See below for details.

CALL FOR PAPERS - *Disrupting Visibility: The Politics of Passing *
Date of conference: *12 June 2015*
Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Writer and journalist *Juliet Jacques*
Professor *Sara Ahmed (**Goldsmiths) *
Location: *Goldsmiths, University of London*
“But you see, I have no choice. I’m cornered. If I tell you who I am,
you become nervous and uncomfortable, or antagonized. But if I don’t
tell you who I am, I have to pass for white. And why should I have to do
that?” -Adrian Piper
The activity of passing has been traditionally associated with
mixed-raced individuals, particularly in the United States, whose
appearance allowed them to be classified as a different racial group; to
pass was often to “pass for white.” While still racially charged, the
idea of passing has been used to make sense of other social relations
such as sexuality, class and gender. The epigraph above highlights how
passing can be the site of social anxiety. Passing can be disturbing
because it challenges the seemingly close relationship between vision
and knowledge, between seeing and knowing. And yet, when passing is
successful, passing is not seen. Passing might reveal the unstable
nature of identities that are not always obvious, nor readily available
for the eye to decipher. Passing might be continually performed and
enacted to be made “real.” This conference seeks to explore passing in
all its ramifications and the intricate work that it does. What are we
doing when we are passing? Who passes, and why? How can passing be a
source of pride and shame, of pleasure and pain? How can passing be
about danger and survival? How can passing be both transgressive and
We welcome contributions for 20-minute presentations from postgraduate
students and early career researchers that explore passing in all its
forms and representations. We are interested both in academic and more
creative engagements with the subject, such as performances and visual
presentations. Topics may include, but are not limited to:
-Representations of gender, race and class passing in art, film, popular
media and literature
-Transgender passing and experience
-Lesbian, gay and bisexual invisibility: heterosexual passing
-Passing and visibility: marked and unmarked bodies
-Class passing: from social mobility to slumming
-Passing as a survival strategy: negotiating social discrimination
-Objectification and self-fashioning: passing as creative individualism
-Unwillingly fitting stereotypes or assimilation: passing as violence
-Refusing to pass: rejecting codes of conduct and queer expressions
-Intersectional passing: navigating multiple identifications and borders
-Passing as a challenge to “authentic” or “natural” identities or,
passing as searching for the “real” self
Please email proposals of no more than 250 words to
(passingconference2015 /at/
<mailto:(passingconference2015 /at/> by *Friday 10 April 2015*.
Please include also your name, institutional affiliation and a short
biography of up to 100 words. Organised by Linnete Manrique and Morgane
Conti, PhD candidates Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths.
For more information, including location and accommodation, visit the
conference website **
The conference is supported by the Graduate School, Department of Media
and Communications and the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths.


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