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[ecrea] conference on minority media in Edmonton, Canada

Tue Apr 10 07:20:18 GMT 2012

*Media and Media Practices *
*in Minority and Competitive Contexts:** *
* From Local to Global*

* *

*Médias et pratiques médiatiques *
*en contextes minoritaires et concurrentiels : *
*du local au global *

* *

* *

*TENTATIVE Program/Programme provisoire *


* *

*Arts Building*

*Convocation Hall/Student Lounge*

* *

* *

* *

*Thursday*  *May 10*

13.00-17.00: Registration

14.30-15.00: Welcome from organizing committee&  Faculty of Arts
representatives (Lesley Cormack, Dean and Garrett Epp, Chair)

*15.00-16.30: "Media status&  Language Policy"*

· */Sirin Dilli/*: [Université Paris 3, France]: /Media and Minorities
-- Emergence of a Research Field/

· */Abiodun Salawu/*  [University of Fort Hare, South Africa]: /A
Political Economy of African Language Press -- towards a Management

· */Jacques Guyot/* [Université Paris 8, France]: /Les politiques
d'aménagement de la diversité linguistique -- le poids des réalités
nationales dans l'application des conventions internationales/

16.30 -17.00 : Coffee Break

17.00-18.00: Keynote Speaker

· */Fackson Banda/* [UNESCO division of communication&  information]: //

/Minority Media as Intercultural Dialogue: Towards a Communicative Praxis/


*Friday May 11*

8.30-11.00: Registration&  coffee

9.00-10:30: *"Minorities in Fictions" *

· */Sarah Sepulchre/* [Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium]:
/Melting Pot, Belgian and francophone series/

· */Natalia Kononenko/* [University of Alberta, Canada]: /Get them while
they're young -- Portraying minorities in Russian animated films/

· */William Anselmi/* [University of Alberta, Canada]: /The silence of
the Sopranos/

10.30-10.45: Coffee break

10.45-12:15: "*Minority Media in National Contexts: a Comparative

· */Daniel Ahadi/* [Simon Fraser University, Canada]: /Multicultural
Communication Infrastructure of Iranians in Diaspora--Comparative Analysis/

· */Houssein Charmarkeh/* [Paris 3, France]&  */Ndiaga Loum/* [UQ
Outaouais, Canada]: /Entre représentations et adaptation -- les médias
comme espace de définition/différentiation de soi dans un contexte

· */Swea Starke/* [Freie Universität Berlin, Germany] /Mass media and
identity -- A comparative case study of the Sorbian and Danish
minorities in Germany/

12:15-13:15: Lunch

13:15-14:45: "*Aboriginal&  Ethnic Media in Canada: from Preservation to

· */Lloyd Sciban/* [University of Calgary, Canada]: /Chinese Language
Media -- Establishing a Unique Identity within a Canadian Setting/

· */Anna Kirova/* [University of Alberta, Canada], */Afshan Amjad/* [PhD
student, University of Alberta], */Ambreen Minhas/* [Master's student,
University of Alberta]: /Exploring Print Media in South Asian Community
in Edmonton and its Role in Young People's Sense of Identity/

· */Stephen Harold Riggins/* [Memorial University, Canada]/:
Environmental Philosophies in the Aboriginal Press/

14.45-15.00: Coffee break

15.00-16.00 : "* Représentations identitaires et pratiques médiatiques
dans la francophonie de l'Ouest canadien* "

· */Jean Valenti/* [Université de Saint Boniface, Canada]: /Récit de soi
et présence de l'autre -- la rubrique « Dans nos écoles » du journal
franco-manitobain /La liberté

· */Luc Côté/* [Université de Saint Boniface, Canada]: /Discours et
représentations identitaires dans la presse écrite de langue française
au Manitoba, 1960-1980/

· */Laurent Pirot /*[journalist -- CBC-Radio Canada]: /Pratiques
journalistiques et perspectives sur la francophonie minoritaire en Alberta/

16:15-17:15: "*Table ronde (in French)*:* « État des lieux des médias
francophones en milieu minoritaire : perspectives et défis* » **"* *:
Jean Valenti, Luc Côté, Laurent Pirot, Chantal Londji-Dang (CJSR -
Fourre-Tout), Étienne Alary (Association de la Presse Francophone/Le
Franco), Francis Potié (Association de la Presse Francophone),
Marc-Francois Bernier

18.30: Dinner-Party: All presenters invited

* *

*Saturday May 12*

* *

8.30-9.50: * "(Re)connecting Identities :> From Museums to Internet"*

· */Susan Ashley/* [Trent University, Canada]/: Ethnic museums as media

· */Niamh Ni Bhroin/* [University of Oslo, Norway]: /Social Innovation
in Web 2.0 Media -- Establishing Communication Norms amongst Users of
Sami and Irish/

· */Kathleen Buddle/* [University of Manitoba, Canada]: /Consolidating
Codes -- Technosociability and Winnipeg's NDN Youth Networks/

9.50-10.00: Coffee break

10.00-11.20: "*Minority Media&  Language Maintenance*"

· */Lindita Gjata/* [Polytechnical University of Tirana, Albania]:
/Étude du rôle positif joué par un média écrit dans le maintien d'une
langue minoritaire (exemple de la minorité albanaise en Macédoine)/

· */Nishan Rafi Havandjian/* [Qatar University, Qatar]: /The Armenian
Minority Media in Turkey -- the Struggle to Preserve Language and the
Burden of Self-constraint/

* *11.20-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-12.30: Keynote speaker

*/Marc-François Bernier/* [University of Ottawa, Canada]: /Professional
« Credo » of Francophone Journalists in Minority and Majority Settings
in Canada/

12.30-13.15: Lunch

13.15- 14.45: "*Minority Media Practices*  *in Theory: Methodology,
Language, and Institutions*"

· */Daniel Perrin/* [University of Applied Sciences, Zurich,
Switzerland]: /Language policy, tacit knowledge and institutional
learning -- The case of the Swiss national broadcast company/

· */Abou Bakry Kébé/* [Université de Rouen, France]: /Pratiques
linguistiques et médiatiques en contexte africains francophone - les
radios privées au Sénégal comme instrument glottopolitique/

· */Marc Lits/* [Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium]: /Médias en
Belgique -- des opinions publiques en tension/

14.45-15.00: Coffee break

15.00-16.00: "*The Challenges of*  *Media Practices in Minority&
Competitive Contexts*"

· OMNI:*Madeline **Ziniak*  [Vice President, Toronto]

· Radio-Canada:*Louis Lalande*  [Radio-Canada Executive Director of
Regional Services]

· *Oluwaseyi Oduyela/ /*[Managing editor of]:
/Writing Our Own Stories: News about Africa by Africans/**

* *

16.00-17.00: *Roundtable: "Practitioners and Researchers on Media
Practices: The Future of Minority Media Practices: New Models&
Challenges" *

* *Participants:* *Madeline Ziniak, Louis Lalande, Daniel Perrin, Abou
Bakry Kébé, Marc Lits, representative from CJSR, Oluwaseyi Oduyela

17.00: Concluding remarks: Co-organizers

17.15: End of conference

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