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[ecrea] New Media & Social Change in the Arab & Muslim World

Wed Apr 30 14:46:39 GMT 2008

>Registration is now open for:
>- Date: Monday 16th June 2008
>- Venue: Kings College, The Strand Campus,
>University of London WC2R 2LS, UK
>- Nearest tube station: Temple (District and Circle lines)
>- Time: 9:30am ­ 6:00pm
>Satellite TV and the internet have transformed the media landscape in the
>Arab and Muslim world. Although their development is a recent phenomenon,
>new media have not only opened up new opportunities for journalism but
>also empowered audiences and civil society organisations with
>unprecedented platforms for free expression and social activism. New
>technologies are said to have reinvigorated a sense of an Arab
>transnational public sphere and a pan-Arab market; brought together the
>concerns of Arab audiences and united a region geographically vast. The
>possible consequences of such rapid developments on social and political
>change in the region are not hard to imagine, hence attempts to censor
>information is still rampant in many parts of the Arab and Muslim
>countries. The recent charter issued by the Arab Leagues Ministers of
>Information titled Principles for Regulating Satellite TV in the Arab
>World is a case in point.
>This conference aims to map out the role of new media in the perceived
>social changes in that part of the world. It looks at how audiences,
>users, civil society organisations, political/social groups have
>understood and found in these technologies the right tools and strategies
>to power their work sustainably.
>Conference themes:
>This conference will covers the following areas of enquiry:
>- Blogging and bloggers as citizen journalists; are bloggers making a
>social difference?
>- Satellite TV and the internet as cites of resistance/alternative media
>or sets of censored national enclosures
>-E-campaigning and political/social groups
>- How are  activists/the youth interacting with platforms like Youtube,
>Myspace, Flicker, Faithtube, Facebook and Blogging to pursue
>their objectives?
>- The internet, development and civil society in the Arab and Muslim world
>- Challenges of the Internet in war zones
>- The new media and women empowerment in the region.
>- Youth subcultures and new media, what is going on?
>- In the absence of real democracy in some parts of the Arab and Muslim
>world is new media creating a new form of social/political capital:
>- What functions are the internet and satellite TV playing in mobilising
>public opinion?
>- What expectations and perceptions are there regarding changes in
>cultural and political values?
>- Reality TV and the new publics, are we witnessing further tabloidisation
>of Arab media or new forms of social interaction?
>Confirmed Speakers:
>Waddah Kanfar, Director General, Al-Jazeera Network
>Khaled Almaeena, Editor, Arab News, Saudi Arabia
>Salah Najm, News Editor, BBC Arabic, London
>Mohamed Sada, Deputy Manager, Aljazeera Network, Doha
>Steve Tatham, Former Royal Navy Spokesman, Ministry of Defence, London
>Anas Altikriti, Cordoba Foundation, London
>Ali Mohamed, McGill University, Canada
>Daniela Conte, IMT School of Advanced Studies, Lucca (Italy)
>Deena Dajani, Loughborough University, UK
>Engie Abo Elezz, Modern University MTI, Cairo, Egypt
>Fardin Alikhah
>Heba Metwally, American University in Cairo, Egypt
>Julian Awwad, McGill University, Montréal, Canada
>Manaf Bashir, Indiana University, USA
>Natalie Kouri, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
>Rosiayu SabranUniversity of Leicester, UK
>Sabriah Salleh, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia
>Seham Nassar, Modern University for Technology & Information, Egypt
>Yovonne Ridley, Press TV, London
>Mohamed Waked, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
>Anissa Daoudi, Cheltenham University, UK
>Khalid Houssaini, Moulay Ismail University, Meknès, Morocco
>Hashem Ahmadzadeh, Exeter University, UK
>Miriyam Aouragh, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
>To confirm your booking, please send your registration form and cheque
>payment as soon as
>possible to: CAMMRO, PO Box: 561, London UB3 9EP
>Registration form, conference flyer and further details can be downloaded
>from CAMMRO's website: WWW.CAMMRO.COM
>For more information please contact Khalil Agha & Shabana Said(conference
>coordinators) on: E-mail: (info /at/

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