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[ecrea] Summer School in Studi Culturali

Wed Apr 23 05:40:33 GMT 2008

>in Adriatic Studies [SSAS] - Cultural Studies between East and West
>Rimini, 30th June - 12th July 2008
>The aim of the Summer School in Adriatic Studies 
>is to increase knowledge on cultural and 
>political interactions in modern Europe, 
>focusing particularly on methodological issues 
>related to the analysis of cultural processes. A 
>series of lectures and seminars will offer a 
>multi-disciplinary overview on dierent methods 
>and research perspectives in the field of 
>cultural studies and cultural analysis to 
>critically understand cultural issues of the 
>current interconnected spaces between Western and Eastern Europe.
>General information
>According to the expression of multiple 
>identities, the School provides the participants 
>with lessons, seminars and panel discussions on 
>various issues related to the theme proposed. It 
>also emphasizes interactive learning experience, 
>as exemplified by its international and 
>interdisciplinary participantS.  Lectures, round 
>tables and seminars will be held mostly in 
>English. All the SSAS activities will take place 
>in Rimini, at the Town of Rimini Museum (v. 
>Tonini 1, close to Piazza Ferrari), where 
>participants will find any secretarial facility. 
>TheSSAS staff will be available to participants 
>and lecturers each day from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. 
>Classes hours:10-12 am; 5-7 pm. A fee of 300,00 
>Euros is charged for participants.This includes 
>housing accomodation, course package and any 
>further teaching material. The course offers a 
>certificate of participation worth 6 (six) ECTS credits.
>Target group and prerequisites for admission.
>The SSAS offers educational and cultural 
>opportunities for Ph.D, graduate and 
>undergraduate students interested in exploring a 
>career in geo-political or cultural studies, 
>especially focusing on Eastern countries. The 
>SSAS will be useful as well for professionals 
>interested in migration policies. Candidates 
>must provide a list of courses attended, a 
>curriculum vitae and a letter of presentation by 
>a senior or a preminent scholar. Application 
>forms must be sent by email or fax direct to the 
>students tutor of the school at the following address:
>Dr. Lara Michelacci - Department of Italian 
>Studies (University of Bologna) Via Zamboni, 32 
>40126 Bologna - ITALY - Fax: + 39 051 2098555 - 
>E-mail: (lara.michelacci2 /at/
>Application forms can be downloaded from the web 
>or requested from Dr. Lara Michelacci.
>The global discussion of Cultural studies 
>highlights the strong contemporary interest for 
>new ways of studying and thinking about 
>«culture». The label "Cultural Studies" detects 
>a wide and composite research program across 
>different national settings, whose common lines 
>reside in a shared interest in the field of 
>culture, and in a tendence to elaborate their 
>own methods of investigation drawing 
>eclectically from different disciplines, such as 
>semiotics, sociology, anthropology, 
>historiography, literary criticism, philosophy, 
>as well as the knowledge concerning the arts, the media, the entertainment.
>In a world increasingly crossed by transnational 
>relationships, a fertile dialogue arose between 
>different intellectual traditions, calling into 
>question the traditional divisions between 
>"centres" and "peripheries" of the globe. The 
>organization of a series of meetings on Cultural 
>Studies' suggestions within the Summer School in 
>Adriatic Studies aims to offer to its 
>participants the chance to know and to analyse 
>in more depth the trans- and multi-disciplinary 
>projects which try to critically understand the 
>cultural realities of our current interconnected space.
>First Session
>Literature and Migration. Eastern writers and 
>italian Language (Mihai Butcovan; Amara Lakhous; Fulvio Pezzarossa;
>Marco Purpura)
>Feminism and postcolonial studies (Lidia Curti; Beatrice Ferrara)
>Migration, Modernity and Mediterranean (Iain Chambers)
>Gender studies - two days
>Theory contribution of gender studies (Vita Fortunati; Rita Monticelli)
>Round table: Stories/Histories and Memories of 
>Feminism (Biljana Dojcinovic-Nesic Vita 
>Fortunati; Jasmina Lukic; Rita Monticelli)
>Second Session
>Geographical Literature (Silvia Albertazzi)
>Mediterranean Encounters: Critical Geography in 
>Mediterranean Literature and Film (Giulio Iacoli)
>Round Table: Silvia Albertazzi, Francesco 
>Cattani, Giulio Iacoli, Davide Papotti
>South Atlantic and European Periphery: Portugal 
>and Colonial Empire (Maragarida Calafate 
>Ribeiro, Vincenzo Russo, Roberto Vecchi)
>Cultures, Translations and Historiographies 
>(Giuliana Benvenuti; Paolo Capuzzo)
>Europe and Postcolonialism (Biljana Kasiæ; Sandro Mezzadra)
>Consumer Culture. History, Theory and Politics (Roberta Sassatelli)
>Docent Staff and Lecturers: Luisa Avellini 
>(University of Bologna); Silvia Albertazzi 
>(University of Bologna); Giuliana Benvenuti 
>(University of Bologna); Mihai Butcovan 
>(scrittore); Margarida Calafate Ribeiro 
>(University of Coimbra); Paolo Capuzzo 
>(University of Bologna); Francesco Cattani 
>(University of Bologna) ;Iain Chambers 
>University of Napoli "L'Orientale"); Lidia Curti 
>(University of Napoli "L'Orientale"); Biljana 
>Dojcinovic-Nesic (University of Beograd); 
>Beatrice Ferrara (University of Napoli 
>"L'Orientale"); Vita Fortunati (University of 
>Bologna); Biljana Kasic (University of Rijeka, 
>Zadar und Zagreb); Giulio Iacoli (University of 
>Parma); Amara Lakhous (scrittore); Jasmina Lukic 
>(Central European University ); Sandro Mezzadra 
>(University of Bologna); Rita Monticelli 
>(University of Bologna); Fulvio Pezzarossa 
>(University of Bologna); Davide Papotti 
>(University of Parma); Marco Purpura (University 
>of Oregon); Vincenzo Russo (University of 
>Bologna); Roberta Sassatelli (University of 
>Milano); Roberto Vecchi (University of Bologna)

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
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