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[ecrea] Academic Media Reform pre-conference

Thu Apr 17 23:43:05 GMT 2008

>Dear friends and colleagues,
>This is a quick update and reminder about the 
>for scholars which will take place in 
>Minneapolis on June 5th, a day before the 
>Conference on Media Reform.   The symposium is 
>called Academic Research for Media Reform, and 
>the program is now 
>We urge you to register and join us there in 
>this unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue 
>between academics and media reform advocates.
>We are very excited about this years 
>program.  It offers an expansive presentation of 
>scholarship on the most pressing issues in the 
>media reform community.  The program 
>committee­through a double-blind peer review 
>process­generated 8 sessions of papers submitted 
>by leading academics from the nation's top 
>schools.  The sessions will focus on media 
>ownership (and the FCC's research effort), 
>sustainability of independent media, access to 
>dominant platforms, network neutrality, 
>international media reform efforts, and the media reform movement itself.
>The symposium also features two special 
>sessions.  There will be an opportunity for a 
>roundtable discussion with members of the 
>"future of American telecommunications working 
>This group is currently designing a new media 
>and telecommunications policy framework for the 
>new administration in 2009. In addition, there 
>will be a session on "copyright and free speech" 
>in which Neil Netanel will present his new book Copyright's Paradox.
>All registrants to the symposium are eligible 
>for the "early-bird" fare for the NCMR itself -- we urge you to stay for both.
>We hope the symposium will be an opportunity to 
>strengthen the ongoing commitment to a fruitful 
>cooperation between the academic and activist 
>worlds as well as to find immediate, practical 
>applications for this critical work.
>We look forward to seeing all of you in Minneapolis!
>Amit M. Schejter, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor of Telecommunications
>Pennsylvania State University
>Ben Scott
>Policy Director
>Free Press

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
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Understanding Alternative Media
by Olga Bailey, Bart Cammaerts, Nico Carpentier
(December 2007)
Participation and Media Production. Critical Reflections on Content Creation.
Edited by Nico Carpentier and Benjamin De Cleen
(January 2008)

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