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[Commlist] Mediapolis Journal Round-up, June and August 2020

Wed Sep 09 11:51:41 GMT 2020

We’re pleased to be able to share a round-up of the June and August 2020 issues of /Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture/.

In the June issue, you’ll find a Q&A with Caitlin Bruce on her new book /Painting Publics/; Malini Guha on the possibilities and limitations of the anti-racist film list; a series of articles on COVID-19 and media in global contexts; and an expanded Student Voices section with essays and short films responding to the pandemic.

The August issue contains a Q&A with Priya Jaikumar on her book /Where Histories Reside/;//Scott Rodgers on local uses of social media during the pandemic; and a special dossier on “Media and the Physically Distanced City” edited by Dave Colangelo and Zach Melzer, with articles by Nanna Verhoeff and Sigrid Merx, Shanti Sumartojo, and Will Straw.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Patton and Lawrence Webb

Managing editors, /Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture/



*Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture*

** <>**


** <>**


*_Vol. 5, no. 2 (June 2020)_*

Claire Sisco King, “The Mediapolis Q&A: Caitlin Bruce’s /Painting Publics/” <>

Malini Guha, “Revisiting Lists in a Time of Rebellion” <>

*Global reports on COVID-19:*

Laura-Zoë Humphreys, “Copying and COVID-19 in Havana, Cuba” <>

Hui Jiang, “South Africa’s Wider Divide in the Disaster State” <>

Luís Costa, “The Silent Hecatomb: Pandemic in Rio’s Favelas” <>

Francisco Foot Hardman, “The Last Chronicle: From Peking University Students to the Indigenous People of Alto Solimões” <>

Yang Zhan, “COVID-19, Labor Mobility, and Care Work in China” <>

Anan Zhou, “China under Lockdown: Social Media and Labor Conditions during the Covid-19 Pandemic” <>

*Student Voices:*

Helen Morgan Parmett (editor): “Culture in the Mediapolis” <>

Caitlyn Williams, “From Cultural Desert to Cultural Garden: The Uncertainty of Singapore’s Creative Policy” <>

Christian Golden, “Detroit and the Glorification of the Past” <>

Michael Naim, “Sherlock Holmes and Tourism in London” <>

Abigail Rhim, “A City’s Lost Identity: An Analysis of The Golden State Warriors’ Relocation from Oakland to San Francisco” <>

*Student Voices Special Feature: Student Lives in the Pandemic (short films and video essays) *

Lena Stevens, “Long Way Home” <>

Eleni Kalantzi, “You are the Film I Started to Make but Never Finished” <>

Stanley Nugent, “Springtime 2020” <>

*_Vol. 5, no. 3 (August 2020)_*

Sushmita Banerji, “The Mediapolis Q&A: Priya Jaikumar on /Where Histories Reside/” <>

Scott Rodgers, “Where We Care: Local Attention in a Platformized Pandemic” <>


*Dossier: **Media and the Physically Distanced City* <>*(edited by Dave Colangelo and Zach Melzer) *

Dave Colangelo and Zach Melzer, “Media and the Physically Distanced City” <>

Nanna Verhoeff and Sigrid Merx, “Mobilizing Inter-Mediacies: Reflections on Urban Scenographies in (Post-)Lockdown Cities” <>

Shanti Sumartojo et al, “Robotic Logics of Public Space in the COVID Pandemic” <>

Will Straw, “COVID Nights” <>

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