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[Commlist] New book: Danish Television Drama: Global Lessons from a Small Nation

Sun Aug 23 11:28:32 GMT 2020

*New book: Danish Television Drama: Global Lessons from a Small Nation*

Edited by Anne Marit Waade, Eva Novrup Redvall and Pia Majbritt Jensen

Chapters by: Gunhild Agger, Janet McCabe, Ruth McElroy, Kim Toft Hansen, Jakob Isak Nielsen, Eva Novrup Redvall, VildeSchanke Sundet, Pia Majbritt Jensen & Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen, Susanne Eichner & Andrea Esser, Ib Bondebjerg and Anne Marit Waade.

This book explores how to understand the international appeal of Danish television drama and Nordic Noir in the 2010s. Focusing on production and distribution as well as the series and their reception, the chapters analyse how this small nation production culture was suddenly regarded as an example of best practice in the international television industries, and how the distribution and branding of particular series – such as /Forbrydelsen/The Killing/, /Borgen/ and /Bron/The Bridge/ – led to dedicated audiences around the world. Discussing issues such as cultural proximity, transnationalism and glocalisation, the chapters investigate the complex interplays between the national and international in the television industries and the global lessons learned from the way in which screen ideas, production frameworks and public service content from Denmark suddenly managed to travel widely. The book builds on extensive empirical material and case studies conducted as part of the transnational research project ‘What Makes Danish Television Drama Travel?’

·The book includes a range of authors from a variety of countries and disciplines, offering multiple points of entry for scholars interested in television drama, small nation film and television cultures, production, distribution and reception in a digital and global media landscape.

·It offers unique insights from both scholarly, industry and audiences voices and analysis based on rich empirical studies including interviews with sellers, buyers, producers, distributors, bloggers and viewers, as well as fieldwork at television markets and industry events.

·And it analyses the many different reasons behind the unexpected success of Denmark as a small nation production culture and explores the global impact of this development in relation to issues such as audience engagement, digital distribution, and adaptation in many diverse markets.

The book is part of the Palgrave European Film and Media Studies book series

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