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[Commlist] ZINES Journal, first issue in press

Mon Jul 27 22:55:56 GMT 2020

please find the content of the first issue ZINES, an international journal on amateur and DIY media.
ZINES #1 will be officially released Sept. 1st.
ZINES #1, 21*21 cm, full colours, 102 pages


  * Lyla Byers & Anthony Kwame Harrison, /You should major in zines:
    Unconventional pedagogies in higher education./
  * Izabeau Legendre, /L’Euguélionne, actrice de la scène du zine de
    Montréal. Entretien avec Camille Toffoli./
  * Laura López Casado. /Problematizing the methodology: challenges,
    conflicts, and contradictions in the study of queer-feminist zines
    in the Iberian Peninsula./
  * Lambrini Papadopoulou, /Behind the walls: a Greek prison zine aiming
    to disrupt and defy the mainstream’s media narrative./
  * /Work In Progress/ by Alexandrine Bonoron
  * Nicolò Pezzolo, /Aut, the voice of the Circolo di Cultura
    Omosessuale Mario Mieli./
  * Véronique Servat, /Once upon a time Les Inrockuptibles, a French
    zine like no other./
  * Kin-long Tong, /DIY print activism in digital age: Zines in Hong
    Kong’s social movements./
  * Nicolas Lahaye, /Lili Pnuk: from fanzine to a larger creative
    presence within the Parisian punk scene/
  * Antoine Lefebvre, /Freedom Hi!, Protest zines exhibition./
  * Rachel Steward, /ENGAGED, “A magazine like no other and not even
    like itself” (Creative Review, 1995)/

Preorders are opened at:
Shipping will start August 15th.

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