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[Commlist] New book: The Political Portrait

Fri Jul 24 19:56:20 GMT 2020

New book

Edited by Luciano Cheles and Alessandro Giacone

Routledge 2020. 348 pages, 200 b/w illustrations. Hardback £ 96.00, eBook £35.99

The leader's portrait, produced in a variety of media (statues, coins, billboards, posters, stamps), is a key instrument of propaganda in totalitarian regimes, but increasingly also dominates political communication in democratic countries as a result of the personalization and spectacularization of campaigning. Written by an international group of contributors, this volume focuses on the last one hundred years, covering a wide range of countries around the globe, and dealing with dictatorial regimes and democratic systems alike. As well as discussing the effigies that are produced by the powers that be for propaganda purposes, it looks at the uses of portraiture by antagonistic groups or movements as forms of resistance, derision, denunciation and demonization. This volume will be of interest to researchers in visual studies, art history, media studies, cultural studies, politics and contemporary history.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction: Faces of Politics
Luciano Cheles and Pierre Sorlin
2. Portraits of United States Presidents and National Candidates Past and Present
Steven Seidman
3. Representing Leaders in Britain: The Portraits of Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair
Simon Downs
4. The Dawn of Political Portraiture in Italy
Maurizio Ridolfi
5. Manufacturing Charisma: Mussolini's Photographic Portraits
Alessandra Antola Swan
6. A Dictator with a Human Face? The Portraits of the Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss
Lucile Dreidemy
7. Franco: When the Portrait Matters More than the Model
Pierre Sorlin
8. The Face of the Regime. Political Portraiture in the Soviet Union and Russia
Graeme Gill
9. Faces of Mao
Stefan Landsberger
10. Monuments in History: Political Portraiture in North Korea
Mary Ginsberg
11. 'For Our Beloved Leader': Nicolae Ceausescu's Propaganda Portraits
Manuela Marin
12. The German Chancellors: Visual Strategies for the Image of the Head of State
Manja Wilkens
13. From Reticence to Excess: Political Portraiture in Italy from the Fall of Fascism to the Present
Luciano Cheles
14. The Presidential Portrait in Italy: from Officialdom to Satire
Alessandro Giacone
15. Staging Power in France: Political Portraiture from Mitterrand to Macron
Luciano Cheles
16. Political Portraiture in Early Republican Turkey: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Ismet Inönü
Christopher Wilson and Sinan Niyazioglu
17. Burning United States Presidents: Protest Effigies in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan
Florian Göttke

Luciano Cheles is a member of the Laboratoire Universitaire Histoire Cultures Italie Europe of the University of Grenoble Alpes and taught Italian Studies at the University of Poitiers, France. Alessandro Giacone is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna.
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