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[Commlist] new Book: Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age

Wed Jul 08 08:54:51 GMT 2020

*Book announcement: Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age*

The book Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age (Routledge 2020) explores online museum spaces as sites of contemporary diplomacy across the largest museums in North America,Europe and Asia-Pacific. In the time of the post(pandemic) “digital lockdown”this book offers timely, useful and illuminating insights on how museums can retain their global visibility, engage their local and international audiences and offer meaningful interactive learning experiences. You can read a teaser here:

Building on scholarship that highlights how museums can constitute and regulate citizens, construct national communities, and project messages across borders, the book explores the political powers of museums in their online spaces. Demonstrating that digital media allow museums to reach far beyond their physical locations, Grincheva investigates whether online audiences are given the tools to co-curate museums and their collections to establish new pathways for international cultural relations, exchange and, potentially, diplomacy. Evaluating the online capacities of museums to exert cultural impacts, the book illuminates how online museum narratives shape audience perceptions and redefine their cultural attitudes and identities.

Table of Contents:

Introduction. When museums go global and digital: New pathways of museum diplomacy
Digital museum diplomacy
Failures of digital repatriation diplomacy: The Virtual Museum of the Pacific
Digital heritage imperialism: "A History of the World in 100 Objects"
Online power of global brands: YouTube Play
Conclusion. From failures to successes: From the material past to digital futures

The book is currently on discount sale at Routledge. Please, share this link with your library to order a hard copy:

Book reviews are very welcome! Please request an inspection copy by following the link: or email Dr Natalia Grincheva at (grincheva /at/ <mailto:(grincheva /at/>.

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