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[Commlist] Journal of Communication ICONO 14 - New Issue: Communication and education in a digital connected world

Mon Jul 06 20:05:35 GMT 2020

New Issue Vol 18 No 2 (2020): Communication and education in a digital connected world

/Monographic coordinators: Rosa García-Ruiz, Universidad de Cantabria (Spain) | Ana Pérez-Escoda, Universidad Nebrija (Spain) /

Digital society is built upon participative and connected foundations where online users take part in equal conditions from their mobile devices. The high penetration of these devices means that this participation reaches every day larger population niches, shortening the digital access gap in both child and adult populations. The emerging question in such context of inexorable technological penetration and connectivity is whether media and digital literacy is really adequate for this participation to be critical and democratic. This raises the question of a possible tacit manipulation that digital determinism has imposed by technological and media emporia.

Numerous screens, platforms and tools for communication and creation provide users with unlimited freedom of expression, but also with unknown dangers due to the immeasurable accessibility provided by networks. In this context it is necessary to analyze with critical thinking where are we, where are we going, who is managing us, and how we want to face this situation, reflecting on concrete actions.

This special issue underlines the relevance of media and digital education, based on media and digital skills that will provide the opportunity to make capable citizens of all ages, in this emerging scenario. The real citizen participation to build an inclusive, equitable and democratic society relies on a continuous and permanent education that concerns educators, media, families, institutions and governments, who must jointly endorese a process of change that leads to a media and digital citizenship.



      Communication and Education in a digital connected world

Ana Pérez-Escoda, Rosa García Ruiz

      Homo sapiens, homo videns, homo fabulators. Media competence in
      the narratives of the transmedia universe

Amor Përez-Rodríguez

      Journalism and digital resources for transforming schools

María José Brites

      Digital Information skills, Media literacy and journalism in
      Spain. A case study on project “Press in Schools”

Aurora Labio-Bernal, Lorena R. Romero-Domínguez, María José García-Orta, Victoria García-Prieto

      Transmedia literacy competences of Journalism students: production
      and editing of informative multimedia content

Santiago Giraldo-Luque, Santiago Tejedor, Marta Portalés-Oliva, Ricardo Carniel-Bugs

      Materials and assessment of literacy level for the recognition of
      social bots in political misinformation contexts

Dafne Calvo, Lorena Cano-Orón, Almudena Esteban

      Transmedia literacy and social networks: Instagram as a teaching
      tool in the university classroom

Nadia Alonso López, Raúl Terol Bolinches

      Digital teaching skills. DigCompEdu CheckIn as an evolution
      process from literacy to digital fluency

Sara Dias-Trindade, António Gomes Ferreira

      Gender disinformation: analysing hoaxes on Maldito Feminismo

Paula Herrero-Diz, Marta Pérez-Escolar, Juan Francisco Plaza Sánchez

      The dimensions of media competence in Spanish university students

Daniel Aparicio González, Fernando Tucho, Rafael Marfil-Carmona

      Childhood and online audiovisual content in Spain: An approach to
      consumption and parental mediation on OTT platforms.

María Marcos Ramos, María de la Peña Mónica Pérez Alaejos, Marta Cerezo Prieto, Marina Hernández Prieto

      YouTube e influencers en la infancia. Análisis de contenidos y
      propuestas educativas

Paula Renés Arellano, Vicent Gozálvez Pérez, Inmaculada Berlanga Fernández

      Development of Civic Competence through Digital Game Experiences:
      Perspective of international videogame designers

Jorge Oceja, Natalia González Fernández

      Cultural practices and media competence levels of young Brazilians

Gabriela Borges, Monica Fantin, Márcia Barbosa da Silva, Maria Alzira Pimenta, Soraya Maria Vieira

      “e-parenting +” through a Families School: Parental training from
research <>



      Pensamiento computacional. Alfabetización digital sin computadoras

Umberto Roncoroni Osio, Jaime Bailón Maxi

      Design of Letters in Posters and Main Titles of Disney Imaginary

Ricard Huerta, Vicente Monleón Oliva

Luis Matosas López
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