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[Commlist] International Journal of Creative Media Research - Issue 3 Published

Mon Apr 20 13:57:15 GMT 2020

*International Journal of Creative Media Research*
*_Issue 3 Published_*
* <>*

Welcome to the third issue of the /International Journal of Creative Media Research/, Bath Spa University's interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access academic journal devoted to pushing forward the approaches to and possibilities for publishing creative media-based research.

Issue 3 comprises eight pieces of work, developed from across a number of countries and from a range of disciplines, that present explorations and reflections on emerging approaches to creative and practice-based research. Topics span the creation of news poems, experimental uses of virtual reality in learning and teaching practices, the application of art-based research methods in museum curation, and the development of new creative research methodologies like ethnomediaology. This issue also showcases a particular focus on documentary filmmaking as a research method, with a series of articles exploring this form’s creative, conceptual and methodological relationship to heritage, story and character on screen. Other pieces in this issue – namely Ron Herrema’s Code as Prosthesis – experiment with an altogether less linear and more user-led method of presenting creative research, adopting a more interactive approach.

Enjoy the content, and please share widely.


*'News Poems': A New Way of Manufacturing the News <>*
/- Andrew Calcutt, University of East London/

*Creating the Griersonian Character and Breaking the ‘Yahoo’ Tradition <>*
/- Catherine Gough-Brady, RMIT University, Melbourne
*What Are Students Doing When We Aren’t Looking: A Pilot Exploration of the Ways Students Interpret the Production and Risk Assessment Process when Working Independently of an Educator on Location Film Shoots <>*
/- Annie East, Bournemouth University/

*Art Based Research as Virtual Cultural Heritage <>*
/- Annie Wan, Independent Researcher/

*Non-Linear Documentary and Museum Exhibition Design: Interdisciplinary Inspirations <>*
/- Helen Gaynor, University of Melbourne/

*Love in a Time of a Marriage Equality Postal Survey: Documentary Filmmaking in the Midst of Moral Panic <>*
/- Phoebe Hart, Queensland University of Technology/

*Code as Prosthesis <>*
/- Ron Herrema, Bath Spa University/

*StoryLab Research Network: An Ethnomediaology Approach to Story-Development <>*
/- Nico Meissner, Griffith Film School, Queensland/

We are now accepting submissions for future issues. Please consult our Author Guidelines <> page for further information. Contact details can be found here <>.

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