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[Commlist] New Viral Media journal special issue - WPCC

Thu Mar 19 12:00:18 GMT 2020

New open access journal issue:

Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture: 15:1

Viral Media

edited by Anastasia Denisova

(From the editorial).‘Viral’ is an imperfect term for rapid spread of information. ‘Viral’ media communication has the potential to offer progressive ideas, not only toxic ones. Sharing is highly emotional and, unlike biological viruses, does not rely on the frailty of the immune system – but on psychological triggers … In times when even professional journalists dip into viral for the benefit of providing public information and engaging storytelling, there is no clear remedy for tackling virality … As intersectional and political studies suggest, it might be reasonable to limit the expanse of the viral flows and to question the algorithmic patterns of digital platforms.

This special edition of WPCC on Viral Media aims to address some of the gaps in virality studies. It looks at the interlinks between marketing, social theory, media studies and psychology in order to evaluate and clarify the concept of virality for the 2020s. Viral messages are playing an increasingly important role in journalism, political information and campaigning, as well as social cohesion – so now is the right time to put them under the microscope.



How to Define ‘Viral’ for Media Studies?

Anastasia Denisova

Research Articles

Viral Media: Audience Engagement and Editorial Autonomy at BuzzFeed and Vice

Paul Stringer

Understanding Viral Communism: A Thematic Analysis of Twitter During Brazil’s 2018 Elections

Helton Levy,  Claudia Sarmento

Why All the Outrage? Viral Media as Corrupt Play Shaping Mainstream Media Narratives

Samuel Duncan

Memories of Our Youth: The Viral Spread of Radio Station Facebook Posts

Daithí McMahon


‘Intersectionality Went Viral’: Toxic Platforms, Distinctive Black Cyberfeminism and Fighting Misogynoir - An Interview with Kishonna Gray

WPCC Editorial Board

Viral Culture, Memes in Society and Politics: An Interview with Anastasia Denisova

WPCC Editorial Board

Published open access by the Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture

Published 17 March 2020

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