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[Commlist] New book - Architecture Filmmaking

Sat Feb 08 09:45:47 GMT 2020

Intellect is pleased to announce that /*Architecture Filmmaking* <>/, edited by Igea Troiani and Hugh Campbell, is now available.

Unlike other books on architecture and film, /Architecture Filmmaking/ investigates how the now-expanded field of architecture utilizes the practice of filmmaking (feature/short film, stop motion animation and documentary) or video/moving image in research, teaching and practice, and what the consequences of this interdisciplinary exchange are. While architecture and filmmaking have clearly distinct disciplinary outputs and filmmaking is a much younger art than architecture, the intersection between them is less defined. This book investigates the ways in which architectural researchers, teachers of architecture, their students and practising architects, filmmakers and artists are using filmmaking uniquely in their practice.
*_Table of Contents_*
*Introduction *

*Part I: Architecture Filmmaking Technique
Architectural Codes in the works of Dan Graham, Bernard Tschumi and Diller and Scofidio
– /Sarah Breen Lovett/
The Depth Between Frames: Architectural Representation in Two Films by Elizabeth Price and Rut Blees Luxemburg
– /Alexandra Stara/
Mysteries of the Visible: Filmic Operations and Their Value for the Representation of Place – Artistic Research in the Moving Image
– /Fred Truniger/
Paris Plays Itself: Widescreen and the City in Tati, Godard and Melville
– /Douglas Smith/
Tracking Spatial Continuity in the Urban Realm
– /Igea Troiani and Hugh Campbell/
Inside History: Filmic Space-time and an Electronics Archaeology
– /Christine McCarthy/

*Part II: Architecture Filmmakers
*Section I *
Reimagining Domesticity in 03-FLATS: Single Women and Singapore Public Housing
/– Lilian Chee/
Filming Architecture and the Architecture of Film: A Reading of the Maison de Verre
/– Mary Vaughan Johnson/
Light Matter: The Transdisciplinary Practice of the Architectural Moving Drawing
/– Eleanor Suess/

*Section II *
Hammer to Bell: A Poetic Documentary about Limerick
– /Jan Frohburg and Christina Gangos/
Invented Memories: Notes on Filming Industrial Ruins in Eleonas, Athens
–/Ektoras Arkomanis/
Errant Bodies: A Critical Essay on the Film More Out of Curiosity
–/Ronnie Close/

*Section III *
Fight Club: Whether to Make PoMo Architecture or Blow It Up!
– /Dik Jarman/
His House, Our House and Her House: A Filmic Place for Women
–/Igea Troiani/
Stylist as Auteur: Hierarchy, Reputation and Creative Control
–/Philip Clarke/

*Part III: Architecture Filmmaking Pedagogy
Un-framing Reality: Sets of Intensities as Smallest Common Denominator in Film and Architecture//
/– Marc Boumeester/
 From Blockbuster to Any Space: A Pedagogy of the Filmic Imaginary
/– Randall Teal/
Deeper into Projection: Spatiotemporal Design Inquiry through Digital and Computational Methods
– /Thomas Forget/
Resonance and Transcendence of a Bodily Presence: How a Filmic Mapping of Non-visual, Aural and Bodily Relations in Space Can Strengthen the Sensory Dimension in Architectural Design
–/Rikke Munck Petersen and Mads Farsø/
Cinematic Collage as Architectural Design Research
– /Igea Troiani and Tonia Carless/
Cinematics in Architectural Practice and Culture: The Cambridge Project
/–François Penz and Maureen Thomas/
A Postgraduate Student’s Pursuit for the Future of Architecture Filmmaking in Cuba’s Cinematic Heart: No Hay CINE
/– Edward Gillibrand/
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