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[Commlist] New book: The Condition of Digitally: A Post-Modern Marxism for the Practice of Digital Life

Sat Jan 18 13:29:02 GMT 2020

New book
The Condition of Digitally: A Post-Modern Marxism for the Practice of Digital Life
Robert Hassan

David Harvey’s ‘The Condition of Postmodernity’ rationalised capitalism’s transformation during an extraordinary year: 1989. It gave theoretical expression to a material and cultural reality that was just then getting properly started – globalisation and postmodernity – whilst highlighting the geo-spatial limits to accumulation imposed by our planet.

However this landmark publication, author Robert Hassan argues, did not address the arrival of digital technology, the quantum leap represented by the move from an analogue world to a digital economy and the rapid creation of a global networked society. Considering first the contexts of 1989 and Harvey’s work, then the idea of humans as analogue beings he argues this arising new human condition of digitality leads to alienation not only from technology but also the environment. This condition he suggests, is not an ideology of time and space but a reality stressing that Harvey’s time-space compression takes on new features including those of ‘outward’ and ‘inward’ globalisation and the commodification of all spheres of existence.

Lastly the author considers culture’s role drawing on Rahel Jaeggi’s theories to make the case for a post-modern Marxism attuned to the most significant issue of our age. Stimulating and theoretically wide-ranging ‘The Condition of Digitality’ recognises post-modernity’s radical new form as a reality and the urgent need to assert  more democratic control over digitality.

1. Introduction: A World That Has Changed, But Has Not Changed
2. 1989: David Harvey’s ‘Postmodernity’: The Space Economy of Late Capitalism.

3. From Analogue to Digital: Theorising the Transition

4. The Condition of Digitality: A New Perspective on Time and Space
5. Economy of Digitality: Limitless Virtual Space and Network Time
6. The Culture of Digitality

7. Digital Alienation


Robert Hassan researches and teaches at the University of Melbourne and is the author, co-author or editor of numerous monographs and books on topics such as time, new media theory, politics and the philosophy of media. His recent works include ‘Uncontained: Digital Connection and the Experience of Time’ (2019) and ‘The Information Society: Cyber Dreams and Digital Nightmares’ (2017). Since 2009 he has been Editor-in-Chief of the journal Time & Society.


212 pages 229 x 152mm

Open Access

PDF, ePub and kindle versions available free from books:

PDF 978-1-912656-68-4

ePub 978-1-912656-69-1

Kindle 978-1-912656-70-7

DOI: 10.16997/book44

Paperback  978-1-912656-67-7

UK  £20.99
US  $24.99

EUR €22.90

CAN $32.99

AUS $34.99


Media Theory| Communication Studies| Digital Media | Cultural Studies

Published open access by the University of Westminster Press


Published 10 January 2020

This book is published in the Critical Digital and Social Media Studies Series


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