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[Commlist] Journal of Communication ICONO 14 - New issue Computational Methods in Communication published

Thu Jan 02 21:41:50 GMT 2020


Vol. 18 Num. 1 (2020)

The recent increase in data, tools and processing power available digitally is encouraging the use of computational methods for the study of communication and in the Social Sciences, in general. A phenomenon that open new lines of research and a practical application. For example the understanding of social aspects in current digital contexts; the identification of factors that affect the occurrence of such events; the application of communication strategies, in the study of new meanings of citizen exercise and consumption of users from current digital scenarios; and in the use of new methodologies that until recently were alien to the field of Social and Humanistic Sciences.

The present issue analyses the relevance of the use and application of computer methods around issues related to communication, both at the research level and in their application to user analysis and their application to different fields of marketing, digital product design, political communication, among others. All with the purpose of contributing to a general vision of the most relevant approaches and perspectives of applicability of this type of method at the level of communication today.


Computational methods in Communication. Presentation

Elias Said Hung, Dr., Daladier Jabba-Molinares, Dr.

An analysis of deontological codes of Latin American

Jesus Díaz-Campo, María-Ángeles Chaparro-Domínguez

Influence of media on the political conversation on Twitter. Activity, popularity, and authority in the digital debate in Spain

Andreu Casero-Ripollés

The artificial Intelligence. theoretical, formative and communicative challenges of digital datification

Víctor Lope Salvador, Dr. Ph.D, Xhevrie Mamaqi, PHD, Dra., Javier Vidal Bordes, Dr. Ph.D

Call into the platform! Merging platform grammatization and practical knowledge to study digital networks

Janna Joceli Omena, António Granado

Analysis of social networks of scientific production on television programming

Alicia Moreno Delgado, Rafael Repiso, Dr., Julio Montero-Díaz, Dr.


Children's tv shows and their time shifted consumption in Spain

Jorge Gallardo-Camacho, Eva Lavín, Javier Sierra Sánchez

From Twitter to Instagram: What social network do fashion and beauty magazines choose?

Ruth Gómez de Travesedo Rojas, Marta Gil Ramírez

The impact of using images on CSIC’s Twitter profile

Aitor González Bengoechea


Social media and its intersections with free speech, freedom of information and privacy. An analysis

Francisco Segado-Boj, Jesús Díaz-Campo

Political Communication in times of New Political Culture

Xabier Barandiaran, Alfonso Unceta, Simon Peña


Networks, Movements and Technopolitics in Latin America

Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo

The need for an ethics linked to big data

Eva Matarín


- Elias Said-Hung, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (Spain)

- Daladier Jabba-Molinares, Universidad del Norte (Colombia)


- Francisco García García, Audiovisual Communication Professor, UCM, Madrid, Spain

- Manuel Gertrudix Barrio, Digital Communication Principal Lecturer, URJC, Madrid, Spain

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