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[ecrea] Special Issue on Social Media in China in Telematics and Informatics

Sat Dec 31 21:13:12 GMT 2016

Volume 34, Issue 3, Pages 691-820, June 2017 <,1e10750,1e10753&> Telematics and Informatics <,1e10750,1e10756&> Volume 34, Issue 3, Pages 691-820, June 2017 <,1e10750,1e1075b&>

*Special Issue on Social Media in China*
Edited by Junhao Hong

** IFC - Advertising/Publication Info and Editorial Board <,1e10750,1e1095f&>
/Page IFC/

** Social media in China: An unprecedented force for an unprecedented social change? <,1e10750,1e1095f&>
/Pages 691-693/
Junhao Hong

** How does social media change Chinese political culture? The formation of fragmentized public sphere <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 694-704/
Peiren Shao, Yun Wang

** Social media, public discourse and civic engagement in modern China <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 705-714/
Yinjiao Ye, Ping Xu, Mingxin Zhang

** The internet ecological perception, political trust and political efficacy of Chinese netizens <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 715-725/
Naipeng Chao, Guangfeng Yuan, Yonggang Li, Qian Yao

** Social media and internet public events <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 726-739/
Tiance Dong, Chenxi Liang, Xu He

** Research on Chinese social media users’ communication behaviors during public emergency events <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 740-754/
Yungeng Xie, Rui Qiao, Guosong Shao, Hong Chen

** Interdisciplinary study on popularity prediction of social classified hot online events in China <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 755-764/
Tieying Liu, Yang Zhong, Kai Chen

** Public relations, media coverage, and public opinion in contemporary China: Testing agenda building theory in a social mediated crisis <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 765-773/
Yang Cheng, Yi-Hui Christine Huang, Ching Man Chan

** Functions and roles of social media in media transformation in China: A case study of “@CCTV NEWS” <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 774-785/
Li Huang, Wei Lu

** Social media, social integration and subjective well-being among new urban migrants in China <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 786-796/
Lu Wei, Fangfang Gao

** Characteristics and social impact of the use of social media by Chinese Dama <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 797-810/
Qin Li

** User-orientated perspective of social media used by campaigns <,1e10750,1e1095f&> Original Research Article
/Pages 811-820/
Chi-Ying Chen, Shao-Liang Chang

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