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[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication - two new issues and cfp

Thu Sep 17 13:57:57 GMT 2020

We are happy to inform you that two issues of "Central European Journal of Communication” (CEJC): Spring 2020 and Special Issue entitled “Advancing Media Literacy Research in the Baltic Sea Region” are now available for free download online: <>. See below for TOC

The submissions for the new Spring 2021 issue are due October 1, 2020.

“Central European Journal of Communication” (ISSN 1899–5101) is a scientific journal of the Polish Communication Association. It engages in critical discussions on communications and media in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. CEJC welcomes submissions of both theoretical and empirical research from a wide range of disciplinary approaches. We also publish methods and concepts, book reviews, conference reports, interviews with scholars and media practitioners (policy-makers, media managers, journalists).

CEJC is indexed in several scientific databases, including SCOPUS, Web of Science Master Journal List, Emerging Citation Index and Central and Eastern European Online Library.



Scientific Journal of the Polish Communication Association

Website: <>

E-mail: (journal /at/ <mailto:(journal /at/>

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_Spring 2020 (Volume 13, no 1, 25):_

/Media Framing: How Can the Constitutional Name of One Country Be Changed?/

Eleonora Serafimovskaand Marijana Markovikj

      /Between Dialogue and Confrontation: Two Countries — One
      Profession Project and the Split in Ukrainian Journalism Culture/

Liudmila Voronova

      The Image of Germany in Social Media: Political and Social Aspects
      of Public Service Media in Poland

Agnieszka Węglińska

      /European Elections, National Agenda: Facebook in the 2019
      Romanian EP Elections/

Flavia Ţăranand Alexandra Catalina Ormenișan

      /Intercultural Mobility and European Identity: Impact of the
      Erasmus Exchange Programme in Terms of Cultural Differences/

Fatih Goksu

      /Democracy and Digital Dissonance: The Co-Occurrence of the
      Transformation of Political Culture and Communication Infrastructure/

Barbara Pfetsch


Roundtable: Scientific Journals in the Data-driven Age


_Spring 2020 (Volume 13, no 1, 25):_

      /Media literacy as a //C//ross-sectoral //P//henomenon: Media
      //E//ducation in Finnish //M//inisterial-level //P//olicies/

Lauri Palsaand Saara Salomaa

      /Information //L//iteracy on the //P//olitical //A//genda: An
      //A//nalysis of Estonian //N//ational //S//trategic //D//ocuments/

Kertti Merimaaand Krista Lepik

      /Media //E//ducation in the //C//ommon //I//nterest: Public
      //P//erceptions of //M//edia //L//iteracy //P//olicy in Latvia/

Anda Rozukalne, Ilva Skulteand Alnis Stakle

      /The //I//mportance of //M//edia //L//iteracy //E//ducation: How
      Lithuanian //S//tudents //E//valuate //O//nline //N//ews
      //C//ontent //C//redibility/

Andrius Šuminasand Deimantas Jastramskis

      /Fact-checking //I//nitiatives as //P//romoters of //M//edia and
      //I//nformation //L//iteracy: The //C//ase of Poland/

Michał Kuśand Paulina Barczyszyn-Madziarz

      /Meme //L//iteracy in Russia: Perceptions of //I//nternet
      //M//emes by a //S//tudent //A//udience and //I//ssues of
      //C//ritical //T//hinking/

Svetlana Shomova

      Interview:Media Re-education and the Need to be Constantly Updated

      Grzegorz Ptaszek

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